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Do you support small-dollar public matching funds in Nassau County?

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NYC has a 6-to-1 matching rate for small donations to political campaigns. Candidates who join this voluntary program are eligible to receive up to $1050 per contributor. Those in support of the program believe it enables more candidates to run, and prevents the abuses of a "pay to play" mentality. Those against feel the system can still be bypassed by loopholes, and it's a waste of taxpayer money. Do you support small-dollar public matching funds in Nassau County?

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Incentivize County Employees to make money savings suggestions like Columbia County NY

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14 votes

Columbia County NY gives $50-$500 to public employees if they come up with money saving ideas. Simple to implement and a great way to have employees partake in pride of ownership of their institutional knowledge: See link for their program rules:

Nassau's libraries should add items for loan outside of books

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Around the country items such as snowshoes, fishing rods and musical instruments can be borrowed from a library. It's a great way to keep libraries an active part of the community. Here is a NY Times article about this topic:

Long Island officials should focus on tourism to help expand the tax base

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89 votes

It's the easiest and quickest way to expand sales tax revenue so desperately needed to run local government. Lets showcase the best Long Island has to offer and help our local economy! AMH

Term Limits for NYS Legislators, Governor and Others Is Needed

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201 votes

Political corruption of elected State officials is the most essential problem, not state aid to education. This could be most effectively remedied by a NYS Constitutional Amendment barring the election of any state official and legislators for more than two term. The recent scandals of our State Senators are most illustrative.


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Sell all of LIPA to a private company to lower prices and improve service.
We shouldn't have to live with government inefficiencies any more.