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Would you support a bridge or tunnel across the Long Island Sound, continuing the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway to Rye NY?

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Newsday calls it the "Idea that wouldn't die," originally proposed by Robert Moses in the 1960s. Those in support believe it would connect Long Island's economy to New England's. It is also a quality of life issue, in that a bridge or tunnel would relieve congestion. Those against say it will disrupt well established communities and be extraordinarily expensive. Would you support a bridge or tunnel across the Long Island Sound, continuing the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway to Rye NY?

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Term Limits for NYS Legislators, Governor and Others Is Needed

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Political corruption of elected State officials is the most essential problem, not state aid to education. This could be most effectively remedied by a NYS Constitutional Amendment barring the election of any state official and legislators for more than two term. The recent scandals of our State Senators are most illustrative.


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Sell all of LIPA to a private company to lower prices and improve service.
We shouldn't have to live with government inefficiencies any more.

Transparency in County Contracts

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Nassau County should have a search engine for County Contracts on its website Residents should be able to search the database by a price range or by vendor for easy access to public information. AMH

Costly and Wasteful Political Flyers

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It seems like every other week, I receive some piece of useless information in the mail, from any given politician in Nassau County, regarding anything from the heroin problem here in Nassau, or a "free" seminar on how to lower my property taxes. I think the taxpayer dollars would be spent more wisely in reducing both those issues, rather than sending out expensive flyers that do nothing and end up in the trash. We know the problems Nassau is having already, do we have to be reminded by the politicians who created the conditions and situation in the first place? Stop the wasteful flyers!

Retaining Residents

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With the growing rate of renting rooms and illegal apartments, it's very clear to see where society is heading. Businesses have no regard for those who have moved and settled to long island, seeking for more cost-effective locations. Isn't there anything our local legislators can do to their loyal residents from the inherent behaviors of big businesses? Yes people will be moving in, out and about long island no question about it... but isn't there anything they can do to prolong businesses from leaving?