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Do you support term limits for Nassau County and New York State elected officials?

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In both Nassau County and New York State governments, there are currently no term limits for elected officials. Suffolk County passed a law in 1993 limiting legislators to a total of 12 years in office. Those in favor of term limits believe newly elected officials are necessary for fresh perspectives and change. Those against believe term limits deprive the people of the right to re-elect officials with a proven track record. Do you support term limits for Nassau County and New York State elected officials?

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$200 Red Light Cameras will drive working families out of Nassau

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The Nassau County Executive has proposed raising ticket fines to $200. This has to be the among the highest red light camera ticket fines in the USA! This incredibly price gouging ticket could be the difference between a family purchasing food or paying rent versus paying a ticket.

Voter Primary Confusion

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I received the usual postcard describing my polling place, mentions primaries 9/13, 10/3 and general election 11/8. I an registered Republican but could not find anywhere on whether there is a republican contest for today's 9/13 primary. Took a call to BofE to learn "none". WHY DOESN'T NASSAU B of E WEBSITE LIST CANDIDATES AND BALLOTS TO BETTER INFORM PROSPECTIVE VOTERS?

Don't allow elected officials to send constituent mail 90 days before an election

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There is usually nothing of substance and it is just using your tax dollars to promote themselves.

NY needs to be proactive in protecting residents against the Zika virus

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This could become a problem down the road so the time to address it is now. An aggressive public awareness campaign would be worthwhile.

Back to school sales tax holidays

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The sales tax in Nassau County is 8.625%. According to the Wall Street Journal consumers will spend an average of $673.57 on back to school items for grades K-12 this year. Tax savings would be over $58 per family. A one week tax holiday sometime in August would work best.