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Do you believe Long Island public schools receive a fair amount of aid from NYS?

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Long Island public schools enroll 17% of NYS students, yet receive only 12% of state aid. Those in support of this formula believe Long Island is a wealthy community, and should pay more. Those against argue we are a solid middle class region struggling to afford the high taxes we pay to support our schools. Do you believe Long Island public schools receive a fair amount of aid from NYS?

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Update all antiquated HVAC systems in government buildings through energy performance contracts

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19 votes

The energy savings pay for the upgrade!

Put receptacles in every L.I. pharmacy to collect and recycle expired meds

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74 votes

This way they won't get flushed down the toilet or put into landfills and leech into our aquifers.

$200 Red Light Cameras will drive working families out of Nassau

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The Nassau County Executive has proposed raising ticket fines to $200. This has to be the among the highest red light camera ticket fines in the USA! This incredibly price gouging ticket could be the difference between a family purchasing food or paying rent versus paying a ticket.

Voter Primary Confusion

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I received the usual postcard describing my polling place, mentions primaries 9/13, 10/3 and general election 11/8. I an registered Republican but could not find anywhere on whether there is a republican contest for today's 9/13 primary. Took a call to BofE to learn "none". WHY DOESN'T NASSAU B of E WEBSITE LIST CANDIDATES AND BALLOTS TO BETTER INFORM PROSPECTIVE VOTERS?

Don't allow elected officials to send constituent mail 90 days before an election

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176 votes

There is usually nothing of substance and it is just using your tax dollars to promote themselves.