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Does it take too long to get residential and commercial building permits on Long Island?

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The WSJ ran an article on July 17, citing Long Island as the slowest region in the country to get a residential building permit. Many commercial projects also take several years to get approval. Those in favor of a speedier permitting process believe it would help create jobs and expand the tax base. Those comfortable with the permitting process fear Long Island could become a "sixth" borough of NYC. Does it take too long to get residential and commercial building permits on Long Island?

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NY needs to be proactive in protecting residents against the Zika virus

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This could become a problem down the road so the time to address it is now. An aggressive public awareness campaign would be worthwhile.

Back to school sales tax holidays

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The sales tax in Nassau County is 8.625%. According to the Wall Street Journal consumers will spend an average of $673.57 on back to school items for grades K-12 this year. Tax savings would be over $58 per family. A one week tax holiday sometime in August would work best.

Stop Common Core and high stakes testing

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The only ones who benefit are private corporations and it's hurting our children.

Put a suggestion box in every local government agency for employees to submit ideas

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Those working day to day in government know where the problems are and how to fix them.

The Town of Oyster Bay needs financial oversight

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The economy is strong yet the Town of Oyster Bay is struggling financially and racked with scandal. As NYS Assemblyman Chuck Lavine suggests: a "NIFA" style control board should be put in place.