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Should Nassau Coliseum developer, Bruce Ratner, receive more than $4.4 million in tax breaks?

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According to Newsday, Nassau Coliseum developer, Bruce Ratner, has applied for more than $4.4 million in tax exemptions ($3.37 million is sales tax and $1.1 million in mortgage tax). Those in favor of tax exemptions say Ratner's firm, Forest City, expects to spend $261 million, including $90 million in Chinese investment, to renovate the arena, create jobs and improve the area. Those against the tax breaks feel they are just another example of corporate welfare, and unnecessary for a profitable project.

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Develop Nassau County Downtowns

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Everybody should look extensively through this website before choosing your side, especially the BUILD A BETTER BURB part of the site. There are MANY benefits to problems such as housing, transportation, jobs, commercial zones, and can be multi-purposeful. It would bring vibrancy into communities.

Some downtown projects at the proposal stage shown on the site are Westbury, Rockville Centre, Patchogue, and Ronkonkoma.
This is do-able for almost any community, Wyandanch is one of the communities which have done this and is under huge construction of Wyandanch Rising.

Boat RALI - Race Around Long Island

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Create a RALI - Race Around Long Island - starting in Long Beach and ending in Port Washington. The over 200 mile engineless boat race should be in September, to help extend the summer tourism season on Long Island. It would be creative, fun and exciting helping to showcase the best Long Island has to offer. A food and wine festival at the start of the race would only enhance the atmosphere. A more rigorous race to Alaska was wildly successful earlier this year.

More Apartments and Affordable Housing

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As everyone who is in the area knows, there are a lack of affordable housing options in Nassau County. Young people continue to move away and property tax rises. Do you believe that we should follow in the footsteps of areas such as Long Beach and build more condominiums, apartment complexes, and high rises? It would cause neighborhoods to become vibrant and the commercial "downtowns" would become great places to go. Near the LIRR stations would cause a lot of traveling and more young people to move into the area. This idea WILL create affordable housing.

Ferry system for Nassau County

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There should be ferries running from Port Washington, Glen Cove and Long Beach to Manhattan (especially the east side and the World Financial Center). Every other county in the NY metro area has a ferry but Nassau.

Raise property values

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Long Island suffers from a lack of selection and poor quality of housing, offices, warehouses at high prices due to very weak property rights and a socialist real estate market. If zoning authority were transferred from small and highly populist villages to either their respective towns or counties, zoning power would be dispersed and diffused such that development and real estate use decisions would be less political and more market-oriented. The result would be significantly more supply and competition for all types of real estate, including much needed housing.