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Do you believe speed cameras in Nassau County public school zones are more about public safety or revenue generation?

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Each violation of the speed limit of 10 miles per hour or more will result in a $50 fine. The cameras will operate from an hour before school begins to an hour after school ends and a few are already operational for summer school. They will also be on 30 minutes before, during and after other school events. Do you believe speed cameras in Nassau County public school zones are more about public safety or revenue generation? Vote thumbs up if you believe it's about public safety or thumbs down if you think it's about revenue generation.

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Long Island should have a full island-wide triathlon to attract tourists

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If there are big cash prizes you would pack the hotels and restaurants. Think of the sponsorship opportunities!

LIRR Strike Info for Commuters

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LIRR Strike Information for Commuters (Much of this is from the MTA)

What’s Happening?
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and a coalition of unions representing approximately 5,000 LIRR employees have been unable to come an agreement on a new contract. If a strike occurs Long Island Railroad service will cease for the duration starting on July 20th.
Your Travel Alternatives
Shuttle Buses

Transgender legal protections

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I believe that an addition to our human rights legislation adding gender identity and expression is necessary to protect our transgender community from abuses in employment, housing and public accommodations. While they have those protections in New York City, Westchester County , and Suffolk County, Nassau County law still allows discrimination.

The County of Opportunity

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Nassau County needs a new vision. We need a 20 year Economic Plan where the cost of living and doing anything will be on par with the rest of the United States. Everything is cheaper all across the US. I do not understand why our taxes are so high. Our schools are really not that good when you look around the country. They are on-par. Everything is expensive and I don't think Nassau County, and Long Island in general, is the reality of the United States.


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I've had enough living in Nassau County. Look around the country and see the progressive neighborhoods all across this country, and you'll see that Nassau County is a disgrace. That's why on Thursday, I'm packing up and heading west.