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Should NYS government use the $550 million in funds set aside for "transformative economic development" to build a tunnel to Westchester or Connecticut?

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According to Newsday, a total of $550 million ($150 million from bank settlements of mortgage fraud scandals, and $400 million in general funds) has been set aside to transform Long Island. A tunnel, extending the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway north connecting Long Island to Westchester or Connecticut, would cut travel time by about 45 minutes, enhance commerce, and mitigate traffic on Long Island. Should NYS government use the $550 million in funds set aside for "transformative economic development" to build a tunnel to Westchester or Connecticut?

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Offset Property Taxes: Use Funds for Public Schools

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The $550 million in funds set aside for "transformative economic development" can be better spent on education. The education system is way too dependent on voters who, understandably, vote to keep their tax costs down. The education system is badly in need of reform, funding and standardization across the board to ensure equity for all students.

Long Island needs high speed ferries to commute to NYC!

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Every other part of NY the Metro area has them except Long Island.

Recycle Expired Prescriptions in "The Big Red Med Box"

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Old and expired medications are flushed down the drain or tossed in the garbage and find their way into our water supply. Pharmacies around Long Island are installing recycling bins called "The Big Red Box". Bring in your old meds to participating pharmacies and recycle them to protect our water and make sure they don't get into someone else's hands for misuse and abuse. AMH

marvin krieger

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I want to pay my taxes online with my banks billpayer

Nassau County Business Accelerator

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NYC promotes new businesses and help them navigate the red tape to open as quickly as possible. Why doesn't Nassau County have something similar?