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Do you believe New York State elected officials will enact meaningful Ethics Reform before the end of their 2016 Legislative Session?

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The New York State (NYS) Legislative Session ends on June 16. Though several NYS Assembly and Senate officials have been convicted of crimes, current legislators have failed to create any new laws to mitigate corruption. Closing campaign finance loopholes, limiting outside income and stripping convicted legislators of their pensions are some of the items being discussed. Do you believe NYS elected officials will enact meaningful Ethics Reform before the end of their 2016 Legislative Session?

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Place Solar Panels on Top of Every Public School on Long Island

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33 votes

The incentives are there to save money for the taxpayer, keep electricity rates low and model green energy for the next generation. The large flat rooftops of public schools are an untapped asset.

Term Limits for all elected officials

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100 votes

Suffolk County has a twelve year limit. All levels of government involving elected officials should have the same.

Add bike lanes to all County roads

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172 votes

It would make Nassau a more livable place and cut down on traffic.

Get rid of pensions for convicted NYS elected officials

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207 votes

It's just a waste of resources for a small group who have betrayed the public's trust.

Bring back the Islanders

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240 votes

They are floundering in Brooklyn. Sell seat licenses to subsidize bringing them back.