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Do you think NYS legislators will follow through on their promise of ethics reform?

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Ethics reform was a top issue during the 2016 campaign season, yet we are in the second month of the legislative session and nothing has changed. Restricting outside income, enacting term limits and closing the LLC loophole were initiatives discussed to mitigate the culture of corruption in Albany. The political sense of urgency for change seems to have passed since Election Day. Do you think NYS legislators will follow through on their promise of ethics reform?

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2017 Run for Hope 2017

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Hope For Youth is looking for runners, walkers, volunteers & fundraisers to join us for our Run For Hope 5K!

Come run or walk for a cause! Join Hope for Youth’s Run for Hope 5k annual fundraiser. On Saturday, May 6th at 9AM at Hecksher State Park we will be running/walking to benefit our mission of facilitating positive change in the lives of youth and families in Long Island. Registration by April 22nd includes a t-shirt, bib, prizes and awards!

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano Needs to Resign! Here are 4 reasons why.

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4 Reasons Ed Mangano Needs to Resign

With so many indictments and convictions of Long Island public officials, residents have become numb. Sadly, it’s all just business as usual, and we’ve come to accept it. Corrupt politicians hurt our communities in many ways, and it’s got to stop. That’s why I’m calling for Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano to resign.

There needs to be a complete overhaul of Nassau County's Assessment System. Here's how.

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How to Fix Nassau's Broken Tax Assessment System
Newsday’s February 2nd expose by Matt Clark, “Mangano’s Overhaul Created $1.7B Property Tax Shift” was well researched and extraordinarily done. It highlights the real estate tax burden shift from the informed and wealthy, to the struggling middle class and the elderly. Far from “fixed,” Mangano’s assessment system is as broken as ever, and those who can least afford it are bearing the burden.

Total lack of transparency and competence.

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I was once a member of the residential assessment reform team for Nassau County and I can tell you that the department is less transparent than ever before. The facts are this: the amount of property taxes paid is solely dependent upon the money needed to cover the impending budgets, while no one seems to care how these assessment numbers are created as long as enough revenue is obtained to cover these expenses. That is why the assessment department and their outside consultants are so willing to give homeowners, close to 85% of those who challenge, a reduction in their individual taxes.

Do you think Donald Trump will be an effective President?

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Lot of divisiveness since the inauguration. Will Trump get the job done?