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Would you support changing the election cycle for Town and County politicians from two to four years?

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Every two years a majority of Nassau's Town and County elected officials come up for re-election. Those in support of a four-year election cycle believe it would give elected officials a better chance to see initiatives through and save municipalities on the cost of staging frequent elections. Those against feel keeping terms at two years makes office holders more responsive to the community because another election is always right around the corner. Would you support changing the election cycle for Town and County politicians from two to four years?

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Nassau/Suffolk property taxes VS NYC

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I think the counties should adopt a tax system similar to NYC tax system(on average 5K from payroll and 5K for property tax) where they take a payroll tax and a much reduced property tax so that when one retires, he or she is only responsible for the property taxes that will not take the entire social security check to pay it. Besides, it would be fairer in that those who don't own property will also pay to school their children!

NYS needs a central site for posting all available bids and RFP's

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19 votes

NYS has 10,500 individual government entities and all their bids and RFP's should be listed, organized by category, on one NYS database for all to see. Greater transparency will create increased participation, leading to better pricing and saving taxpayers money. All bids and RFP's should generate at least two responses to be deemed acceptable. All responses should be listed to show the range of bids. AMH

Start collecting sales tax on Internet companies that are unrestricted and operating locally

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Lyft, Uber, VRBO and Airbnb are operating on Long Island and they should be taxed just as local businesses such as taxi, limo, motels and hotels are. This is a major reason sales tax revenue has been weak in Nassau over the last few years.

Do you support the continued use of tax payer money for legislators to send mailings to residents?

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This year budget is set at $1.3M of expense.

Amtrak Long Island

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108 votes

For the future, also to boost the economic development of Long Island, help the economy, help travel, and another new development in Long Island transportation which could help travel concentration and crowding of cars.

Public hearing was on the 12th, and it is an open conversation that could dramatically benefit our future.