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Do you support the Republican Party's plans for tax reform?

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The Senate and the House have offered roughly similar versions of sweeping tax reform. Key points are a doubling of the standard deduction, cutting corporate tax rates to 20%, doubling the threshold for the estate tax, cutting Medicare and Medicaid, and the loss of deductibility of state and local taxes. Here is a link to a comparison of both plans:
Do you support the Republican Party's plans for tax reform?

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Stop the Proliferation of Political Signs

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This suggestion was posted to the Facebook page:
Here is a suggestion which would improve quality of life in Nassau County:
I understand political signs are a form of free speech and therefore are protected by the 1st Amendment but i think there are a number of viable options to better deal with them:
1) both parties agree not to do them and they invest the money elsewhere in their campaigns

There should be a list of all Nassau County invoices that are 30 days past due

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Nassau is floating multi-millions in unpaid expenses. There is no posted information on the County website as to how large overdue invoices are which would give taxpayers a sense if the budget is really balanced or not. Is it just smoke and mirrors around election time?

All NYS elected officials need to fight the Trump tax plan

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Losing the ability to deduct local and state taxes from your Federal tax burden will be a crushing blow to Long Islanders. The Long Island Association (LIA) estimates it will cost our community an additional $2.5 billion in taxes.

Bike lanes for all county roads

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Makes for a healthier community and safer for cyclists.


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If you live in Island Park, Oceanside, Long Beach, Rockville Centre, and there is an emergency or a snow storm your in trouble. There is only one lane out of these towns and they have parking on them. Snow plows can't do there job, so the roads are plowed like crap. We need no parking on any emergency route and those roads clean so you can lick them.