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Are you concerned President Trump forcing 46 Obama-era U.S. Attorneys to resign will disrupt ongoing investigations?

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Over the weekend, President Trump asked for the resignations of 46 U.S. Attorneys. Preet Bhahara refused to step down and was fired. Those in support of these actions say past Presidents have done the same thing so fair is fair. Those against are concerned the delay in finding replacements will hurt ongoing investigations, like those against former Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto and Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano. Are you concerned President Trump forcing 46 Obama-era U.S. Attorneys to resign will disrupt ongoing investigations?

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Every level of government should live stream every meeting

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Transparency is good government

Remove illegal aliens from Nassau Schools.

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Nearly the entire 3rd floor of the Hicksville High School is ESL. The staggering number of illegal alien children is bloating our school budget and driving our school taxes out of control. I'm retired on a fixed income and can't afford anymore increases. I pickup my grandchild from the school and she can even point them out. This free ride at our expense must stop NOW>

Sidewalk Snow Removal Enforcement

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There are a number of businesses on Hempstead Turnpike just west of New Hyde Park Rd in Franklin Square that do not clear their sidewalks of ice and snow. These sidewalks are located on a busy street with many pedestrians and a NICE bus stop that is heavily used. When these sidewalks are snow covered, it creates a serious hazard. There should be someplace taxpayers can report this non compliance so the County can arrange for snow and ice removal and the business establishments that have failed in their responsibilities can be billed and fined.

Add Bike Lanes on L.I.E. Service Road

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Would increase recreation and safety in our community.

2017 Run for Hope 2017

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Hope For Youth is looking for runners, walkers, volunteers & fundraisers to join us for our Run For Hope 5K!

Come run or walk for a cause! Join Hope for Youth’s Run for Hope 5k annual fundraiser. On Saturday, May 6th at 9AM at Hecksher State Park we will be running/walking to benefit our mission of facilitating positive change in the lives of youth and families in Long Island. Registration by April 22nd includes a t-shirt, bib, prizes and awards!