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Would you support changing elected NYS officials to full-time, with increased compensation and a cap on outside income?

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In New York State, all Legislators (Assemblymen and Senators alike) receive the same salary of $79,500, because these elected positions are viewed as part-time. As a result, many NYS Legislators look for outside income. Critics believe this sets the stage for graft, and recommend reframing these positions as full-time, with a respective increase in compensation, and a limit on outside income. Would you support changing elected NYS officials to full-time, with increased compensation and a cap on outside income?

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Add bike lanes to all County roads

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65 votes

It would make Nassau a more livable place and cut down on traffic.

Get rid of pensions for convicted NYS elected officials

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107 votes

It's just a waste of resources for a small group who have betrayed the public's trust.

Bring back the Islanders

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147 votes

They are floundering in Brooklyn. Sell seat licenses to subsidize bringing them back.

All Nassau County Contracts Should be Added to the NYS Contract Reporter

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169 votes

Wider exposure to attract possible bidders on county contracts will result in cost-effective pricing and taxpayer savings. Currently Nassau only advertises available contracts by placing legal ads in Newsday and on the county website.

All of Long Island should have Universal Pre-K

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195 votes

New York City has it why don't we? Received this email from a NYC Assemblyman today: Pre-K for All provides free, full-day, high-quality pre-K and will lay the foundation of skills and knowledge to prepare for our children for school and life. All programs create a high-quality learning experience designed to support how young children learn and develop.