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In Nassau County, do you prefer a government with fewer services and lower taxes, or more services and higher taxes?

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Those who support higher taxes for more services don't mind paying for quality public schools, a well-run police force and well-maintained public parks. Those against feel they can't afford to live here, the tax burden is too high and government has too much inefficiency. Vote thumbs up if you'd support higher taxes and more services and thumbs down if you want to pay less to receive fewer services.

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Over 2000 illegals moved to L.I.

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Of all the places in the US, the feds decided to move these kids here to L.I., the highest cost of living is in this area, what is wrong with say, New Mexico or Texas? Isn't it enough that we are paying the highest property taxes for schools in the nation that we have to absorb even more? I have nothing against these people, but the feds have no problem bending us over, they can put their pet projects somewhere else where its less costly...

All Local Governments Should Look to Refinance Outstanding Debt

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With over 300 different government entities on Long Island every single one should be examined to see if they can refinance outstanding bonds.

Long Island's Fire Departments should work together when purchasing new equipment

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Most fire departments purchase a new vehicle every ten years. With over 150 fire departments on Long Island there could be huge saving on a "fleet" purchase if everyone worked together to purchase a new vehicle. With some fire trucks costing over $500,000 there is a potential for substantial savings.

Long Island should have a full island-wide triathlon to attract tourists

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If there are big cash prizes you would pack the hotels and restaurants. Think of the sponsorship opportunities!

LIRR Strike Info for Commuters

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LIRR Strike Information for Commuters (Much of this is from the MTA)

What’s Happening?
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and a coalition of unions representing approximately 5,000 LIRR employees have been unable to come an agreement on a new contract. If a strike occurs Long Island Railroad service will cease for the duration starting on July 20th.
Your Travel Alternatives
Shuttle Buses