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Should NYS automatically register residents to vote when they obtain or renew a driver's license?

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Rhode Island just became the ninth state to automatically register and re-register residents when they obtain or renew a driver's license, unless they opt out. Their stated purpose is to create cleaner voter records and mitigate concerns of voter fraud. In the NYS legislature most Democrats want automatic voter registration to make voting as seamless and easy as possible. Those against, such as NYS Senate Republicans, feel the current system works just fine. Should NYS automatically register residents to vote when they obtain or renew a driver's license?

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2013 Nassau County Village Elections

Please note that all results are not official
* indicates winner

Baxter Estates -- Mayor
Frederick Nicholson Uncontested
Baxter Estates -- Trustee
Nora Haagenson Uncontested
Charles Comer Uncontested
Bellerose -- Mayor
Henry Schreiber Uncontested
Bellerose -- Trustee
John Tweedy Uncontested
Joseph Juliano Uncontested
Brookville -- Mayor
Daniel H. Serota Uncontested
Brookville -- Trustee
Caroline Z. Bazzani Uncontested
Robert C. Antonucci Uncontested
Edward Chesnik Uncontested
Helen M. Benzie Uncontested
Brookville -- Justice
Helen M. Benzie Uncontested
Cedarhurst -- Justice
Andrew Goldsmith Uncontested
Cove Neck -- Trustee
Theodore Gutierrez Uncontested
Marjorie Isaksen Uncontested
East Rockaway -- Trustee
Bruno Romano Uncontested
Theresa Jaffney Uncontested
East Rockaway -- Justice
Steven Siegel Uncontested
Floral Park -- Mayor
Thomas J. Tweedy Uncontested
Floral Park -- Trustee
Dominick A. Longobardi Uncontested
Mary-Grace Tomecki Uncontested
Flower Hill -- Trustee
Robert McNamara* 207
Eileen Mills* 183
Tab Hauser* 164
Roy Nelson 103
Freeport -- Mayor
Robert Kennedy* 4,360
Andrew Hardwick 3,757
Freeport -- Trustee
Carmen Pineyro* 4,487
Ronald Ellerbe* 4,424
Annette Dennis 3,481
James Caracciolo 3,461
Freeport -- Justice
Vincent Cacciatore N/A
Stephen Drummond N/A
Garden City -- Mayor
John J. Watras Uncontested
Garden City -- Trustee
Robert A. Bolebruch Uncontested
Richard Silver Uncontested
John DeMaro Uncontested
Dennis Donnelly Uncontested
Garden City -- Justice
Allen Mathers Uncontested
Great Neck Estates -- Mayor
David A. Fox Uncontested
Great Neck Estates -- Trustee
William D. Warner Uncontested
Sidney Krugman Uncontested
Great Neck Estates -- Justice
David Schaffer Uncontested
Great Neck Plaza -- Trustee
Lawrence Katz Uncontested
Gerald Schneiderman Uncontested
Hempstead -- Mayor
Wayne J. Hall, Sr.* 1,685
James A. Garner 703
Lance D. Clarke 528
Perry Pettus 427
Theresa A. Drye 191
Warren Stith Jr. 185
Henry Conyers 185
Hempstead -- Trustee
Waylyn Hobbs* 1,778
Luis Figueroa* 1,744
Sally Thompson 726
Kenneth Arroyo Roldan 666
Iris Atkinson-Kirkland 434
George Knight 354
Tia Morris 280
Livio Rosario 260
Cathy Jo Hunt-Edmonston 251
Guillermo Calle 204
Hempstead -- Justice
Ayesha Keri Brantley* 1,720
Paul Delle III 655
Casilda Roper-Simpson 501
Vernadette Horne 219
Lawrence Goldstein 203
Kensington -- Trustee
Alina Hendler uncontested
Darron Kaplan uncontested
Lynbrook -- Trustee
Michael Hawxhurst uncontested
Hilary Becker uncontested
Lynbrook -- Justice
William McLaughlin uncontested
Malverne -- Trustee
John J. O'Brien uncontested
Jospeh J. Hennessy uncontested
Malverne -- Justice
James G. Frankie uncontested
Massapequa Park -- Mayor
James Altadonna Jr. uncontested
Massapequa Park -- Trustee
Daniel Pearl uncontested
Tina Schiaffino uncontested
Massapequa Park -- Justice
Gerard Gianattasio uncontested
Mineola -- Mayor
Scott Strauss 1,017 (uncontested)
Mineola -- Trustee
Dennis Walsh* 858
George Durham* 836
Lawrence Werther 463
Munsey Park -- Mayor
Frank J. DeMento* 391
Henry Nicolaides 310
Munsey Park -- Trustee
Patrick M. Hance* 406
Sean R. Haggerty* 392
Albert T. Jaronczyk 294
Sheila A. Brennan 284
New Hyde Park -- Mayor
Robert A. Lofaro uncontested
New Hyde Park -- Trustee
Lawrence J. Montreuil uncontested
Donald Barbieri uncontested
New Hyde Park -- Justice
Christopher Devane uncontested
Plandome -- Mayor
M. Lloyd Williams uncontested
Plandome -- Trustee
Judith Harrison-Bode uncontested
Katie Saville uncontested
Plandome -- Justice
James Kiley uncontested
Plandome Heights -- Trustee
Lawrence Bourguet uncontested
Norman Taylor uncontested
Daniel Cataldo uncontested
Plandome Heights -- Justice
Cye Ross uncontested
Plandome Manor -- Mayor
Barbara Donno uncontested
Plandome Manor -- Trustee
Matthew Clinton uncontested
Irwin Klein uncontested
Port Washington North -- Mayor
Robert Weitzner uncontested
Port Washington North -- Trustee
Sherman Scheff* 469
Michael Schenkler* 335
Selwin Rudnick 151
Roslyn -- Mayor
John Durkin uncontested
Roslyn -- Trustee
Sarah Oral uncontested
Marta Genovese uncontested
Roslyn Estates -- Mayor
Jeffrey Schwartzberg uncontested
Roslyn Estates -- Trustee
Jeffrey Lindenbaum uncontested
Eyal Isaac uncontested
Roslyn Estates -- Justice
Seymour Reisman uncontested
Roslyn Harbor -- Mayor
David Mandell uncontested
Roslyn Harbor -- Trustee
Sandy K. Quentzel uncontested
Russell Gardens -- Mayor
Steven Kirschner uncontested
Russell Gardens -- Trustee
Martin Adickman uncontested
Jane Krakauer uncontested
Saddle Rock -- Mayor
Dan Levy uncontested
Saddle Rock -- Trustee
Mark Collins* 144
David Schwartz* 141
Shlomo "Mony" Zenou 52
Hamid Sharifiazad 51
Saddle Rock -- Justice
Julia Gavriel uncontested
Sea Cliff -- Mayor
Bruce Kennedy uncontested
Sea Cliff -- Trustee
Edward Lieberman uncontested
Carol Vogt uncontested
Stewart Manor -- Mayor
Gerard S. Tangredi uncontested
Stewart Manor -- Trustee
Michael Onorato* 193
John Egan* 187
Mary Carole Schafenberg 179
Stewart Manor -- Justice
Philip Milone uncontested
Thomaston -- Mayor
Robert Stern uncontested
Thomaston -- Trustee
Gary Noren uncontested
Steven Weinberg uncontested
To-On Pang uncontested
Westbury -- Mayor
Peter I. Cavallaro uncontested
Westbury -- Trustee
Joan M. Boes uncontested
William B. Wise uncontested