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Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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On January 1, 2018, a new Suffolk County law will go into effect, charging a five-cent fee for plastic and paper carryout bags, at a variety of retail stores. Those in support of the fee believe it will protect the environment. Those against view it as a tax that will hurt local businesses. Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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2013 Nassau County Village Elections

Please note that all results are not official
* indicates winner

Baxter Estates -- Mayor
Frederick Nicholson Uncontested
Baxter Estates -- Trustee
Nora Haagenson Uncontested
Charles Comer Uncontested
Bellerose -- Mayor
Henry Schreiber Uncontested
Bellerose -- Trustee
John Tweedy Uncontested
Joseph Juliano Uncontested
Brookville -- Mayor
Daniel H. Serota Uncontested
Brookville -- Trustee
Caroline Z. Bazzani Uncontested
Robert C. Antonucci Uncontested
Edward Chesnik Uncontested
Helen M. Benzie Uncontested
Brookville -- Justice
Helen M. Benzie Uncontested
Cedarhurst -- Justice
Andrew Goldsmith Uncontested
Cove Neck -- Trustee
Theodore Gutierrez Uncontested
Marjorie Isaksen Uncontested
East Rockaway -- Trustee
Bruno Romano Uncontested
Theresa Jaffney Uncontested
East Rockaway -- Justice
Steven Siegel Uncontested
Floral Park -- Mayor
Thomas J. Tweedy Uncontested
Floral Park -- Trustee
Dominick A. Longobardi Uncontested
Mary-Grace Tomecki Uncontested
Flower Hill -- Trustee
Robert McNamara* 207
Eileen Mills* 183
Tab Hauser* 164
Roy Nelson 103
Freeport -- Mayor
Robert Kennedy* 4,360
Andrew Hardwick 3,757
Freeport -- Trustee
Carmen Pineyro* 4,487
Ronald Ellerbe* 4,424
Annette Dennis 3,481
James Caracciolo 3,461
Freeport -- Justice
Vincent Cacciatore N/A
Stephen Drummond N/A
Garden City -- Mayor
John J. Watras Uncontested
Garden City -- Trustee
Robert A. Bolebruch Uncontested
Richard Silver Uncontested
John DeMaro Uncontested
Dennis Donnelly Uncontested
Garden City -- Justice
Allen Mathers Uncontested
Great Neck Estates -- Mayor
David A. Fox Uncontested
Great Neck Estates -- Trustee
William D. Warner Uncontested
Sidney Krugman Uncontested
Great Neck Estates -- Justice
David Schaffer Uncontested
Great Neck Plaza -- Trustee
Lawrence Katz Uncontested
Gerald Schneiderman Uncontested
Hempstead -- Mayor
Wayne J. Hall, Sr.* 1,685
James A. Garner 703
Lance D. Clarke 528
Perry Pettus 427
Theresa A. Drye 191
Warren Stith Jr. 185
Henry Conyers 185
Hempstead -- Trustee
Waylyn Hobbs* 1,778
Luis Figueroa* 1,744
Sally Thompson 726
Kenneth Arroyo Roldan 666
Iris Atkinson-Kirkland 434
George Knight 354
Tia Morris 280
Livio Rosario 260
Cathy Jo Hunt-Edmonston 251
Guillermo Calle 204
Hempstead -- Justice
Ayesha Keri Brantley* 1,720
Paul Delle III 655
Casilda Roper-Simpson 501
Vernadette Horne 219
Lawrence Goldstein 203
Kensington -- Trustee
Alina Hendler uncontested
Darron Kaplan uncontested
Lynbrook -- Trustee
Michael Hawxhurst uncontested
Hilary Becker uncontested
Lynbrook -- Justice
William McLaughlin uncontested
Malverne -- Trustee
John J. O'Brien uncontested
Jospeh J. Hennessy uncontested
Malverne -- Justice
James G. Frankie uncontested
Massapequa Park -- Mayor
James Altadonna Jr. uncontested
Massapequa Park -- Trustee
Daniel Pearl uncontested
Tina Schiaffino uncontested
Massapequa Park -- Justice
Gerard Gianattasio uncontested
Mineola -- Mayor
Scott Strauss 1,017 (uncontested)
Mineola -- Trustee
Dennis Walsh* 858
George Durham* 836
Lawrence Werther 463
Munsey Park -- Mayor
Frank J. DeMento* 391
Henry Nicolaides 310
Munsey Park -- Trustee
Patrick M. Hance* 406
Sean R. Haggerty* 392
Albert T. Jaronczyk 294
Sheila A. Brennan 284
New Hyde Park -- Mayor
Robert A. Lofaro uncontested
New Hyde Park -- Trustee
Lawrence J. Montreuil uncontested
Donald Barbieri uncontested
New Hyde Park -- Justice
Christopher Devane uncontested
Plandome -- Mayor
M. Lloyd Williams uncontested
Plandome -- Trustee
Judith Harrison-Bode uncontested
Katie Saville uncontested
Plandome -- Justice
James Kiley uncontested
Plandome Heights -- Trustee
Lawrence Bourguet uncontested
Norman Taylor uncontested
Daniel Cataldo uncontested
Plandome Heights -- Justice
Cye Ross uncontested
Plandome Manor -- Mayor
Barbara Donno uncontested
Plandome Manor -- Trustee
Matthew Clinton uncontested
Irwin Klein uncontested
Port Washington North -- Mayor
Robert Weitzner uncontested
Port Washington North -- Trustee
Sherman Scheff* 469
Michael Schenkler* 335
Selwin Rudnick 151
Roslyn -- Mayor
John Durkin uncontested
Roslyn -- Trustee
Sarah Oral uncontested
Marta Genovese uncontested
Roslyn Estates -- Mayor
Jeffrey Schwartzberg uncontested
Roslyn Estates -- Trustee
Jeffrey Lindenbaum uncontested
Eyal Isaac uncontested
Roslyn Estates -- Justice
Seymour Reisman uncontested
Roslyn Harbor -- Mayor
David Mandell uncontested
Roslyn Harbor -- Trustee
Sandy K. Quentzel uncontested
Russell Gardens -- Mayor
Steven Kirschner uncontested
Russell Gardens -- Trustee
Martin Adickman uncontested
Jane Krakauer uncontested
Saddle Rock -- Mayor
Dan Levy uncontested
Saddle Rock -- Trustee
Mark Collins* 144
David Schwartz* 141
Shlomo "Mony" Zenou 52
Hamid Sharifiazad 51
Saddle Rock -- Justice
Julia Gavriel uncontested
Sea Cliff -- Mayor
Bruce Kennedy uncontested
Sea Cliff -- Trustee
Edward Lieberman uncontested
Carol Vogt uncontested
Stewart Manor -- Mayor
Gerard S. Tangredi uncontested
Stewart Manor -- Trustee
Michael Onorato* 193
John Egan* 187
Mary Carole Schafenberg 179
Stewart Manor -- Justice
Philip Milone uncontested
Thomaston -- Mayor
Robert Stern uncontested
Thomaston -- Trustee
Gary Noren uncontested
Steven Weinberg uncontested
To-On Pang uncontested
Westbury -- Mayor
Peter I. Cavallaro uncontested
Westbury -- Trustee
Joan M. Boes uncontested
William B. Wise uncontested