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Should Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano resign?

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Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano was arrested this past October, and is facing a 13-count indictment alleging bribery and kickbacks dating back to 2010. Those who call for his resignation believe he can't effectively govern under a federal probe. Those who want to keep Mangano in office argue he's innocent until proven guilty. Should Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano resign?

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District 11

traffic light/traffic efficiencty

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flashing red lights late at night at corner of harbor hill road and roslyn road, similar to other loactions on roslyn road 12 midnight-6am. will optimize gas usage and speed along traffic

Dangerous Bus Stops On Glen Cove Road In East Hills

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At the corners of Elm Drive and Midwood Cross (neighborhood of Country Estates in East Hills) and Glen Cove rd. are bus stops on a hill that are extremely dangerous. The bus stops should be graded and made flat so in inclement weather individuals aren't at risk of slipping off the hill into on coming traffic.

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