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Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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On January 1, 2018, a new Suffolk County law will go into effect, charging a five-cent fee for plastic and paper carryout bags, at a variety of retail stores. Those in support of the fee believe it will protect the environment. Those against view it as a tax that will hurt local businesses. Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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Sell all of LIPA to a private company to lower prices and improve service.
We shouldn't have to live with government inefficiencies any more.


Thanks friends, for providing

Thanks friends, for providing such enlightening data.this site

LIPA/PSEG Rate Increase?

I am wondering what PSEG is doing with all the money it is saving from the collapse in fuel prices. Not only is the price they pay for fuel to generate electricity at multi year lows, but also for all their cars, trucks, construction equipment, etc..

In addition, last year at this time while natural gas prices were at multi-year lows and falling PSEG initiated a rate increase based on their claim that natural gas prices were going to go up. Well, they didn't. They continued to fall. My balanced billing, as a result of this increase, went from $98 per month up to $133 per month and remained at $133 per month for 4 months before dropping down to $115 per month.

What did PSEG do with all those ill gotten gains? Why was only half the bogus increase removed?

Are they corrupt, incompetent, indifferent or some combination of the three?

I think they should change their motto from "We Make Things Work for You" to "We Make Things Worse for You". That would be the honest thing to do.

May I also suggest that the PSC (Public Service Commission) be renamed to the Public Sellout Commission. It would more accurately describe what they actually do.


Thank you for so beautifully helping make my case. I am amazed that so few people are concerned about how we are treated by a government agency. I wish I could get away with what they do in my business.
I cannot believe that a majority of the votes cast were against this idea. Maybe too many people don't remember that LILCO would repair your equipment very quickly and very, very inexpensively. And to top it off, they knew what they were doing. Two plumbers I called in for service only tried to sell me a new unit. I ended up repairing it myself. It has been perfect for years now.
Our governor's father really did us a disservice, first by closing Shoreham and then driving LILCO out. Step by step, Nassau and New York State are turning into socialist utopias. Too bad they haven't run out of other people's money yet.

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