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Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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On January 1, 2018, a new Suffolk County law will go into effect, charging a five-cent fee for plastic and paper carryout bags, at a variety of retail stores. Those in support of the fee believe it will protect the environment. Those against view it as a tax that will hurt local businesses. Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano Needs to Resign! Here are 4 reasons why.

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4 Reasons Ed Mangano Needs to Resign

With so many indictments and convictions of Long Island public officials, residents have become numb. Sadly, it’s all just business as usual, and we’ve come to accept it. Corrupt politicians hurt our communities in many ways, and it’s got to stop. That’s why I’m calling for Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano to resign.
First, on a national level, Long Island has become infamous for corruption. With the news of indicted public officials (Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto) and convicted public officials (former NYS Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and former Suffolk County Chief of Police James Burke), Long Island has been making national headlines for all the wrong reasons. I’ve done a fair bit of travelling since November, and when I mention I’m from Long Island, people often ask, “What the hell is going on there?” As a businessman and investor, I can tell you, this perception is causing long-term irreparable damage.
For starters, this negative political reputation affects commerce. Given a choice, businesses with opportunities to relocate would not put Nassau County at the top of their list. And, why should local corporations choose to invest precious capital resources to build their businesses, if they can move to communities with less corruption? I’ve spoken with quite a few local business owners, and they’re upset about the pay to play mindset that has become modus operandi in Nassau County. Now that Mangano’s shady business dealings have been revealed from behind the curtain, who would want to be associated with his administration?
Second, as a former member of the Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA), I saw first-hand how poorly county government was run. With an opaque bidding process, contracts recommended for extension without reviewing them, and a disingenuous annual budget with onerous annual fee increases, Nassau County has become a national laughingstock, and good government our personal oxymoron.
Third, major collective bargaining agreements are coming due, and Mangano’s compromised reputation puts him in a terrible bargaining position. Being under indictment makes negotiating from a position of strength impossible. Surely, Mangano’s weaknesses can and will be used against him, and taxpayers will bear the cost.
Finally, there are many excellent public servants on Long Island who get lumped in with the current pool of bad characters, which makes it harder for them to serve their constituents. It certainly didn’t help public opinion last July, when, during a budget crisis, Ed Mangano gave himself a $17,000, only to get indicted a few months later.
County Executive Ed Mangano should take a leave of absence to fight the indictments. He may be innocent until proven guilty, but the current environment he helped create has made it impossible for him to serve his constituents at the high level we pay for and deserve. For these reasons, and more, Ed Mangano needs to resign, and the sooner the better.


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