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Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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On January 1, 2018, a new Suffolk County law will go into effect, charging a five-cent fee for plastic and paper carryout bags, at a variety of retail stores. Those in support of the fee believe it will protect the environment. Those against view it as a tax that will hurt local businesses. Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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Your Ideas for a Better, More Efficient Government


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If you live in Island Park, Oceanside, Long Beach, Rockville Centre, and there is an emergency or a snow storm your in trouble. There is only one lane out of these towns and they have parking on them. Snow plows can't do there job, so the roads are plowed like crap. We need no parking on any emergency route and those roads clean so you can lick them.

Police Salaries and benifits

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Police salaries and pensions are the highest in the country. Your tax money is paying for them. The police union is corrupt and one sided. Most police retire with $100,000. to $200,000. thousand dollars a year for the rest of there life with benefits even if they live to 100. Many are offered a second county job with another pension. If they screw up on there job they don't get fired they get a paid vacation, because there corrupt union backs them. We must fix this and save the tax payers millions.

Roads are the pits these days

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Since the Nassau County roads have been demolished by the public workers we pay, through our payment of taxes, the plow personnel should be held accountable for tearing up the roads and knocking down fences. The streets are full of potholes, then patched and re-patched by more public workers, and yet the roads are actually unsafe in many areas. I have ruined two tires hitting these potholes! Each tire cost $150.00! THE ROADS NEED RESURFACING, AND THERE SHOULD BE MONEY IN THE BUDGET TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE!

What do all say about this? Should there be money to fix our roadways? yes or no?

NY needs to be proactive in protecting residents against the Zika virus

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This could become a problem down the road so the time to address it is now. An aggressive public awareness campaign would be worthwhile.

Southern State Parkway Lighting

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The Southern State Parkway is the most treacherous highway on Long Island, yet the lighting is extremely poor. More than half of the lights are out and mismanaged causing deaths and accidents. Replace all the lighting and maintain it properly before more lives are lost.

Tactical Plan to Get Aggressive Drivers Off the Road

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Looking at some of the school zones where Speed Cams were once operational I notice very often that the few drivers who actually drive as though they realize there is a speed limit are often honked at, cursed at and/or illegally passed at high rates of speed. These zones are "Target Rich" environments. Why not use some "not obvious" unmarked police vehicles to cruise these areas at busy time of day adhering to the speed limit? Based on my observations I am quite sure that this would result in a plethora of multi-point tickets and serve to get some bad guys off the road.

Remove Red Light and Speed Zone Cameras

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These cameras have nothing to do with safety. In many cases, they have been found to make things less safe. ATS, the private company in Arizona that runs the cameras, gets over 30% of each ticket. The CEO's live in million dollar houses and they contribute big bucks to the politicians. The contracts demand short yellow light times for more revenue (and less safety). You can get a ticket for stopping less than 3 seconds on a right on red, even though there is no law forbidding that. The cameras are money making scams that should be eliminated. Let the police enforce the laws.

STOP!: Out of State Plates; the danger beneath

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Should legislation be introduced to correct lost fees and penalties for the growing # of out of state plates in NY? Take a look around next time you travel the roads; probably more evident in lower income neighborhoods.

Ok, if you're a snowbird, fine, then this topic doesn't apply. I'm concerned about the frequency I'm seeing non-NY plates on LI and what it means, and what should be done about it.

Police Dept

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Police making arrests close to their shift ending should not be allowed to use overtime. There must be a way to stop officers who wait till the last minute to arrest and then spend the time in the precinct chatting to other detectives until the wee hours of the morning to make more overtime. They have been known to keep a person in the precinct and not arrest them until 4:00 in the am. Whose watching who???

Department of Investigation

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The County needs to empower or create a new Department of Investigation or Office of the Inspector General. Clearly the entire County needs serious oversight. For 1, this agency would oversee the Police, and all other County agencies, they would have the power to make arrest and subpoena, they would conduct background checks on new government employee hires, and any individual or entity that's doing business with the County.

Elect the Sheriff of Nassau County

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Nassau County Sheriff should be elected by the people in a general election. This position is only one of two that is appointed by the County Executive in New York State. The Sheriff's Department has a budget of $180 million dollars.
Tom Suozzi saw fit to appoint the Mke Sposato as Acting Sheriff who has no background in Corrections, law enforcement or criminal justice. He served as the jail cook just prior to his appointment.

Ed Mangano saw fit to retain him and made him a full Sheriff.
The Sheriff's Department has a budget of 180 million dollars,

Speeding and Texting While Driving

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Driving Up Rte 106 & 107 people are doing excessive speed. Everyone is Texting on cell phones. Wreckless driving! I think the five points for driving while texting isn't enough. There isn't enough enforcing for this law. I've been driven off the road from a girl texting. I was almost killed by a man who crashed into my disabled Jeep Cherokee only to get out still talking on his phone. I only wish this law was fully implemented. Safe Driving!!!!

red light camera tickets

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I did not run a light, but was just touching the white line and got a red light ticket. these are getting out of control and the fees are through the roof. $80 a ticket???? i think this is pathetic and a poor way for the county to make money.

Nassau County IG

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Nassau County should institute an Office of the Inspector General with full subpoena power and arrest authority to investigate, and monitor, all County agencies, City, Towns, Villages and Special Districts within our borders. The current Department of Investigations seems to be stale, has no teeth and corruption seems to be ripe under their watch. Perfect example is the mismanagement and wasteful spending found to be going on at the TOH animal shelter costing tax payers millions. Theft is theft, and when it comes to our tax dollars justice should be done.

Nassau County Emergency Radio Station

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Nassau County should have a dedicated radio frequency to broadcast emergency information to its residents. Many homes have no phone, electricity or internet service and radio is the only medium available for important communications. AMH

Garage Sale abuse

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There should be some restrictions on Garage sales out of residential properties. A neighboor (97 parkway Dr. roslyn Heights) has decided to make this a regular business and has his garage sale all day, each Sat. and Sunday. He places flyers up throughout the neighboorhood and adjacent roads (such as IU Willets). Apparently the advertisements (only) are supposed to be restricted to his own property and per a call to 311 he has already been notified (but the signs continue to go up).

Consolidating all of Nassau County Police Services

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Call on the County to absorb all village, town, and city police departments and unite them into one professional criminal justice agency. The City of New York was able to do this back in the early 90's, and it saved the tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars. The remaining precinct buildings would be sold, and monies would be used to provide savings to the residents. This is a win for the officers, and the residents they serve.

Red Light Camera WARNING SIGNS

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We have all seen the "Speed Zone Ahead" and "Speed Checked by Radar" signs. Why are there no signs for red light cameras?

I suggest warning signs become mandatory for all red light cameras in the county...

Here are a few examples:

It's only fair...

over reach of county PD

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We pay the most money for a NYS pistol licence in the state. New pistol applicants are told that it will be more than a year to get ir ( NYS LAW STATES IT MUST BE GIVEN IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS) and once you get your NYS CARRY LICENCE, THE PISTOL DIV.stamps it " restricted to and from range". Unless you are connected or are wealthy.
The restriction is based on a racist law that was to keep the one in power in power and to disarm. His opposition.
My request is that you remove this practice and stop treating good persons"that dont have the money to spend on lawyers to fight it like serfs".

Traffic lights

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As I drive around Levittown/hicksville/east meadow.. I have notice the beautiful signs.. barely.. Along with the traffic light they are every hard to see. The tree branches are covering them. Especailly on jerusalem ave in hicksville/levittown and carmen ave in east meadow. Can you please cut the branches on these trees? they have spread all the way to the middle of the road. Thank you

Delayed green light or green traffic arrow

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In Oceanside, at the intersection of Long Beach Road and Bellevue Avenue, Southbound, there should be a delayed green light for northbound traffic so that southbound traffic can make a left turn on to Bellevue Avenue (or put a green arrow allowing same) before northbound traffic can proceed.


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Exiting off the northern state on Glen Cove rd going west...if you then want to make a left turn on Jericho Tpke you must go across 2 lanes which is just about impossible due to the traffic and cars usually wait int eh middle lane and block cars from going straight on Glen Cove rd....this must be dealt with immed. where another traffic light should be BEFORE the exit ramp to allow cars to get to the left lane for left turns.

Move Stop line back 10 ft on (north) Broadway and Linden massapequa

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1800 votes

I frequently turn left at light from linden to broadway south. At least once per week, someone jumps light, when its red, because 10 feet further the light turns green. In the last 5 years, I have almost been hit, at least 100 times, or watched others get almost hit. if the stop line was moved 10 feet south of light, the visibility of the RED light would be more obvious, and prevent many accidents, and almost accidents.

Dangerous Hempstead Turnpike

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1730 votes

With the recent issues with Hempstead Turnpike and how dangerous it is, it seems to never get better. i know this may be hard to do on the Turnpike but in my 20 years living near and traveling on it I have NEVER EVER seen speed enforcement by any police agency. Is there a way to have this done. Its a small step but it is a beginning. Too many cars fly down this road.

Painting Lines at Stop Signs

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1804 votes

The painted lines at the stop signs in Albertson are almost invisible. The streets are traveled often as they surround an elementary school. These street names are Lydia Ct, Hollow Ct, Serpentine, Greenway, and Albertson Parkway. There are stop signs but no more visible painted lines. Motorists are rolling through the stop signs. Perhaps repainting the white lines at these stop signs will help. It's an accident waiting to happen. Thank you.

Big Brother and the Traffic Light

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Random strobe light flashing at intersections with Red Light Cameras should be eliminated. It is dangerous and extremely distracting.

Having the Police act professional

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1732 votes

We all know the Nassau and Suffolk police are highly paid but seem to complain a lot. Of course when not sleeping in the local firehouse or eating for free at the 7/11 store they sometimes even go out and get to know their post. As a retired police officer and coming from a family of cops I speak with some authority. It is time to add some discipline to the work day for these cops on the streets. Over the last several years, ties, hats and even shined shoes have gone by the wayside. Make these guys earn the !50k slaary they receive each year.

Stop Signs and Speed bumps

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1792 votes

Perpendicular streets Example: Hickory and Oak...a stop sign should be on Oak as you approach Hickory.
Re: Speed bumps: While this can be a nuisance for most drivers, if it can save 1 life then its worth it. While walking the neighborhood, I notice very often drivers driving too fast between stop signs and feel speed bumps would a) make all drivers more aware of their speed if they know they have to slow down soon, and b) will make drivers more aware of the walkers in the neighborhood where cars sometimes get too close to the side of the raod where walkers are.

Victor Urbach's picture

Ensure road projects are done with walkers and riders in mind

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While the Complete Streets bill continues to be discussed as part of federal transportation policy, and Governor Cuomo has signed New York's bill, we in Nassau County should ensure that all major roadwork projects be designed not just for cars but bicyclists and pedestrians as well, and accommodate transit riders and people with disabilities.

-Victor Urbach

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