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Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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On January 1, 2018, a new Suffolk County law will go into effect, charging a five-cent fee for plastic and paper carryout bags, at a variety of retail stores. Those in support of the fee believe it will protect the environment. Those against view it as a tax that will hurt local businesses. Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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Your Ideas for a Better, More Efficient Government

All NYS elected officials need to fight the Trump tax plan

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1581 votes

Losing the ability to deduct local and state taxes from your Federal tax burden will be a crushing blow to Long Islanders. The Long Island Association (LIA) estimates it will cost our community an additional $2.5 billion in taxes.

Bike lanes for all county roads

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1321 votes

Makes for a healthier community and safer for cyclists.

The new Belmont Park RFP needs to be an open and transparent process

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1298 votes

The land should go to the proposal that shows the best use of the most valuable real estate left to develop on Long Island.

Standardize the permit approval process for businesses throughout Nassau County

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1358 votes

Time is money and a long approval process discourages investment in our community. It should be simple and easy with the same approval process in every village and town.

Move the Islanders back to the Nassau Coliseum

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1333 votes

The whole area around the Coliseum will fall apart if a new facility is built at Belmont. The retrofit to expand seating has to be cost effective compared to building a new arena. The Islanders want out of Brooklyn and this is our last chance to get them back.

Bring the Islanders back to the Nassau Coliseum

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1461 votes

They don't belong in Brooklyn, Belmont or anywhere else.

Revamp the whole IDA system

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1521 votes

Only way Nassau grows is if they attract new business. IDA tax breaks should only be given to new, out of state, businesses. Shopping malls and car dealerships can't pick up and leave.

Bring back the Islanders

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1927 votes

They are floundering in Brooklyn. Sell seat licenses to subsidize bringing them back.

NYS needs a central site for posting all available bids and RFP's

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1881 votes

NYS has 10,500 individual government entities and all their bids and RFP's should be listed, organized by category, on one NYS database for all to see. Greater transparency will create increased participation, leading to better pricing and saving taxpayers money. All bids and RFP's should generate at least two responses to be deemed acceptable. All responses should be listed to show the range of bids. AMH

Start collecting sales tax on Internet companies that are unrestricted and operating locally

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1845 votes

Lyft, Uber, VRBO and Airbnb are operating on Long Island and they should be taxed just as local businesses such as taxi, limo, motels and hotels are. This is a major reason sales tax revenue has been weak in Nassau over the last few years.

Make Islip an International Airport

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1900 votes

It would stimulate the local economy using existing infrastructure.

Generate revenue, help small bussiness

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1806 votes

There is an article in NY times about legalizing short-term sleepover web services like airbnb. Jersey city is passing legislation that will do just this. Something similar in long island would be great both for the county to generate revenue from such short term sleepover rentals, as well as for the local businesses. It would help to attract tourists to the area without need for large urban-esque hotels that would take away from the suburban green space look of long island.

Long Island officials should focus on tourism to help expand the tax base

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1832 votes

It's the easiest and quickest way to expand sales tax revenue so desperately needed to run local government. Lets showcase the best Long Island has to offer and help our local economy! AMH

Retaining Residents

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1842 votes

With the growing rate of renting rooms and illegal apartments, it's very clear to see where society is heading. Businesses have no regard for those who have moved and settled to long island, seeking for more cost-effective locations. Isn't there anything our local legislators can do to their loyal residents from the inherent behaviors of big businesses? Yes people will be moving in, out and about long island no question about it... but isn't there anything they can do to prolong businesses from leaving?

Boat RALI - Race Around Long Island

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1914 votes

Create a RALI - Race Around Long Island - starting in Long Beach and ending in Port Washington. The over 200 mile engineless boat race should be in September, to help extend the summer tourism season on Long Island. It would be creative, fun and exciting helping to showcase the best Long Island has to offer. A food and wine festival at the start of the race would only enhance the atmosphere. A more rigorous race to Alaska was wildly successful earlier this year.

Raise property values

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2115 votes

Long Island suffers from a lack of selection and poor quality of housing, offices, warehouses at high prices due to very weak property rights and a socialist real estate market. If zoning authority were transferred from small and highly populist villages to either their respective towns or counties, zoning power would be dispersed and diffused such that development and real estate use decisions would be less political and more market-oriented. The result would be significantly more supply and competition for all types of real estate, including much needed housing.

NYS politicians should pass crowdfunding legislation to enable local residents to invest in local businesses online

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1864 votes

Twenty two states have passed laws to enable their non-accredited residents to invest online in start-ups within their state's own borders. The average amount a company seeking capital can raise is about $1 million and investments are usually capped around $10,000 per individual. This is great way for a community to invest in local businesses. Here is the website for Wisconsin's CraftFund for more info:

All Nassau County capital expenditues that go out for an RFP should list the political donations of the winner of the contract

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1958 votes

When government goes out to bid the the lowest bidder wins. When they go out for a request for proposal (RFP) the lowest bid doesn't always get picked. For complete transparency there should be a list of political donations the winner of the RFP has made over the last year. The donors names should be part of the resolution when it is voted on. We need complete transparency in government!

Nassau County Business Accelerator

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1866 votes

NYC promotes new businesses and help them navigate the red tape to open as quickly as possible. Why doesn't Nassau County have something similar?

Create a ferry service from the North Shore of Nassau to Manhattan.

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1977 votes

Nassau is the only county in the NY Metro area that is close to Manhattan and doesn't have a ferry system. Port Washington to the east side of mid-town Manhattan would take 35 minutes. Glen Cove to the same location would take 40 minutes. A connection stop at LaGuardia would take additional cars off the road and make for an easy commute.

Speed Zone Cameras Should Have Been Used To Keep The Islanders On Long Island

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1832 votes

The lost sales tax revenue from losing the Islanders isn't coming back. If Nassau was going to use speed zone cameras at least they could have been used to keep the Islanders from leaving!

Manufacturing Tax Credit for Nassau Companies

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1947 votes

Legislators enacted an Upstate Manufacturing Tax Credit so why not one in Nassau? Our community has lost 30% of our manufacturing jobs since 2000 because of the high costs associated with running a business here. Let's give Nassau job creators the same tax breaks we pay for to help manufacturers in other parts of the state. AMH

Energy Performance Contracts for Local Governments to Convert Outdoor Lighting to L.E.D.

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1895 votes

There should be a coordinated energy performance contract to convert all outdoor lights on Long Island to L.E.D. While L.E.D. lights are more expensive they last up to 4x as long, require less maintenance, give off less heat and use about half the electricity. In the end they are much cheaper and make a great investment. The lower electrical load would help keep prices down for all consumers during a hot summer. AMH

Nassau Should Have An Annual Food and Wine Festival

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1993 votes

Bring tourism dollars to Nassau by leveraging what Long Island already has. Good food and wine. Include some top named chefs and music. Have it over a weekend at Belmont Park. If you build it, they will come! AMH

The County of Opportunity

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1894 votes

Nassau County needs a new vision. We need a 20 year Economic Plan where the cost of living and doing anything will be on par with the rest of the United States. Everything is cheaper all across the US. I do not understand why our taxes are so high. Our schools are really not that good when you look around the country. They are on-par. Everything is expensive and I don't think Nassau County, and Long Island in general, is the reality of the United States.

New York and New Jersey should stop poaching companies from each other and wasting tax dollars in the process.

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1868 votes

The net gain in each state is rarely new jobs and valuable tax dollars could go to better use. NY and NJ should working together to use these same tax dollars to bring new jobs to the region. AMH

Insert "COUNTY NAME" Here ==>

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1951 votes

I was reading the following editorial article { on } regarding Westchester County and said to myself "why doesn't Nassau take the same plan and just insert Nassau where it says Westchester?"

Nassau is the only local government that I do not see on the market hustling for business and suggesting other factors (affordable housing, tax incentives, etc.) leading to successful economic development.

County Employees with 2nd Jobs

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1814 votes

As a new Nassau County Employee with a salary frozen at the bottom of the pay scale (some making as little as $23K/yr), would you give up your second job to a returning veteran or a new college graduate if your pay raises were unfrozen? If so, do you feel this would increase employment among that demographic?

Turn the Greenwood Landing power plant into a Chelsea Piers type facilty

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1694 votes

Take a look at the links below as to how similar outdated facilites were repurposed. AMH

Long Island Press Power List Partnership

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1793 votes

The 2013 Power List is a list published by the Long Island Press. The people featured on this list run very successful companies and organizations on Long Island, and more importantly, are organizations that are leading the way. Many of the inductees find that Nassau and Suffolk bureaucracy inhibits the visionary goals they seek to make Long Island a sustainable, friendly place to both live and work. One of the many listed is the Executive Director Desmond Ryan, from the Association for a Better Long Island. Government should listen to these people because they do great work.

New Plan Needed for Belmont Racetrack. Sensible big development in Nassau.

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1813 votes

Nassau needs its politicians and government employees to take a more sensible approach to evaluating large long term impactful development. Example: the current proposal to build a soccer stadium at Belmont Race Track. Lets review this project. A 25,000 person stadium proposed to be built for the Cosmos, a soccer club that has been extinct for over a generation and is part of a league that is second tier at best and barely can keep itself viable. They will play in the same area now as two actual MLS teams. Their nearest MLS competitor may be in a new stadium as close as 5-7 miles away.

Instead of 55 and over focus on 35 and under housing

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1791 votes

To keep our recent college grads from leaving create specific 35 and under housing around transit hubs. This would be the first step in growing our stagnant local economy. AMH

Government should focus on creating wealth (watch video)

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1672 votes

Create a Four Year Nursing Program at Nassau Community College

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1769 votes

With Health Care on Long Island being the largest employer why not create an inexpensive and competitive nursing program at Nassau Community College? It would be a conduit for the next generation to lay roots in our community, help the local economy and enable residents to get a quality education without breaking the bank. There is already a great two-year program on campus.

Close off certain sections of roads one day a week

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1934 votes

By closing a portion of the road near shops and places to go, it will enable a pedestrian atmosphere.

Example test area that could be experimented: Plainview Shopping Center on south oyster Bay Road, and the shopping area across the street. Close of roads and have a street fair. Make a safe and walkable environment. Evaluate how this works and ask residents and visitors what they think.

Place works of art in empty storefront windows

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1969 votes

Great way to support the arts and dress up vacant retail space until leased.

The Nassau Vet's Memorial Coliseum and surrounding area= Minor League Sports

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1707 votes

Fill the Coliseum with Minor League Hockey, B-League Basketball, Get a Independent League Baseball team in Nassau... Build a Minor League Sports Complex!! A Blue Collar Town needs Blue Collar Sports with Blue Collar prices!!

Bio medical Engineering

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1706 votes

Can we pull together the DNA lab, Columbia University and some open space light industrial area to create low cost area to start businesses that deal with Medical Engineering. IE Hip replacements, Crash dummy work, Electronics manufacturing for hospital monitoring equipment?

Job creation

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1681 votes

Theres needs to more jobs created for ppl to feed their families and be able to survive .

Raise taxes 2% to help cover Nassau County defecit

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1522 votes

The county is broke and selling off valuable assets which will cost us down the road. We should all pitch in a little bit to avoid that and raise taxes 2% to help close the budget gap.