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School budget votes are Tuesday, May 19th. Please come out and vote!

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It is important to exercise your right to vote in your local school districts, Tuesday, May 19th. Up for consideration in Long Island's 125 school districts are budgets and trustee elections. Some districts also have bond referendums. Your vote counts. Please come out and vote!

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Long Island needs high speed ferries to commute to NYC!

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Every other part of NY the Metro area has them except Long Island.

Recycle Expired Prescriptions in "The Big Red Med Box"

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Old and expired medications are flushed down the drain or tossed in the garbage and find their way into our water supply. Pharmacies around Long Island are installing recycling bins called "The Big Red Box". Bring in your old meds to participating pharmacies and recycle them to protect our water and make sure they don't get into someone else's hands for misuse and abuse. AMH

marvin krieger

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I want to pay my taxes online with my banks billpayer

Nassau County Business Accelerator

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NYC promotes new businesses and help them navigate the red tape to open as quickly as possible. Why doesn't Nassau County have something similar?

Revenue Generating Sledding Slope

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Revenue Generating Sledding Slope. The design will include the following: rentals, concessions, locker rentals, handicap access with elevators. Ice/Snowmaking equipment when the season is dry. This design can be developed at all Nassau County Parks. Let's make Long Island the Winter Recreational Region. This facility can be opened 6-8 months to generate revenue encouraging exercise for all ages and disabilities.