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Should NYS invest in high-speed ferries to ease the burden of Penn Station delays?

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LIRR commuters are experiencing significant delays due to long overdue track maintenance and equipment breakdowns. Newsday reported that, to ease the chaos, Governor Cuomo is studying high-speed ferries from Long Island. Those in support of ferries believe Long Island needs an alternative to the LIRR. Those against feel the cost to commute would be too high, and traffic would increase around ferry terminals. Should NYS invest in high-speed ferries to ease the burden of Penn Station delays?

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Roads are the pits these days

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Since the Nassau County roads have been demolished by the public workers we pay, through our payment of taxes, the plow personnel should be held accountable for tearing up the roads and knocking down fences. The streets are full of potholes, then patched and re-patched by more public workers, and yet the roads are actually unsafe in many areas. I have ruined two tires hitting these potholes! Each tire cost $150.00! THE ROADS NEED RESURFACING, AND THERE SHOULD BE MONEY IN THE BUDGET TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE!

What do all say about this? Should there be money to fix our roadways? yes or no?

NYS should allow early voting to increase civic participation

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34 states and the District of Columbia permitted no-excuse early voting. Why not New York?

Inspector General to oversee Nassau County contracting process

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NIFA should insist on it as not much has changed in the transparency of the County contracting process since Skelos' conviction. It's still a mess.

Every level of government should live stream every meeting

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Transparency is good government

Remove illegal aliens from Nassau Schools.

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Nearly the entire 3rd floor of the Hicksville High School is ESL. The staggering number of illegal alien children is bloating our school budget and driving our school taxes out of control. I'm retired on a fixed income and can't afford anymore increases. I pickup my grandchild from the school and she can even point them out. This free ride at our expense must stop NOW>