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Should Nassau County lease its sewer system to a private investor for an upfront payment of $1 billion?

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Nassau County is strapped for cash and looking for ways to raise money to close its deficit. The County Executive is once again looking to privatize the sewer system for a one time payment. Supporters believe a private company can run the sewer facility efficiently saving taxpayers money. Those against feel this is backdoor borrowing and rates will go up so a private company gets a return on its investment. Should Nassau County lease its sewer system to a private investor for an upfront payment of $1 billion?

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Main/Busy sidewalk Shoveling

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Although home and business owners are responsible for their property and their sidewalks, it should be the responsibility of the county to act in favor of commuters to shovel sidewalks where there are bus stops (main/busy streets). Property tax dollars should go towards maintenance of these side walks because it is very apparent property owners are ignoring these sidewalks, endangering the lives of commuters. I don't know but there definitely needs some enforcement of these side walks. Commuters walking on blocks of ice on the side walk or at least a foot into these high traffic streets.

Fix this assessment buisness!

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Its rediculous that we have to file greiviences every year wasting county resources and inconveniencing home owners! The only ones making money are the lawyers, this is stupid!

Let's put school district reorganization up for a vote statewide!

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The bulk of our property taxes on Long Island are due to school taxes. The high cost of property taxes are the result of an overabundance of school administrators with inflated salaries and lack of shared services. Yet when budgets get tight, afterschool programs are threatened with cuts and teachers are threatened with layoffs. We should put school district reorganization on the ballot statewide!


Remove Red Light and Speed Zone Cameras

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These cameras have nothing to do with safety. In many cases, they have been found to make things less safe. ATS, the private company in Arizona that runs the cameras, gets over 30% of each ticket. The CEO's live in million dollar houses and they contribute big bucks to the politicians. The contracts demand short yellow light times for more revenue (and less safety). You can get a ticket for stopping less than 3 seconds on a right on red, even though there is no law forbidding that. The cameras are money making scams that should be eliminated. Let the police enforce the laws.

Shared Data Center for all Nassau County School Districts

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According to BOCES, there are 56 school districts in Nassau County. If you add up the IT budgets for each, it comes to a sizeable amount, including the costs of purchasing/maintaining new equipment, costs of electricity, and personnel costs to maintain them. Why not consolidate all these data centers into one shared data center? The cost savings could be passed down to the property owners who pay the school taxes.