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Should New York State and the Federal Government spend more money to clean up Long Island's waterways?

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In the last several weeks thousands of fish have been found dead in Riverhead and Flanders Bay. In addition, 100 diamondback terrapins were found dead. There are currently emergency shellfish closures in several places on Long Island's shores. Those for spending more on environmental cleanup believe it is necessary to keep L.I. waterways clean. Those against feel we're already taxed enough. Should New York State and the Federal Government spend more money to clean up Long Island's waterways?

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NYS politicians should pass crowdfunding legislation to enable local residents to invest in local businesses online

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Twenty two states have passed laws to enable their non-accredited residents to invest online in start-ups within their state's own borders. The average amount a company seeking capital can raise is about $1 million and investments are usually capped around $10,000 per individual. This is great way for a community to invest in local businesses. Here is the website for Wisconsin's CraftFund for more info:

The Belmont Stakes should be a week long festival showcasing the best Long Island has to offer

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This is the second year in a row there is the possibility of a Triple Crown winner at the Belmont Stakes. Since the Islanders have left this will be the biggest sporting event on Long Island for the foreseeable future. There should be several days of festivities leading up to the race such as: concerts, a big-time golf tournament, street fairs in every community, local beer, wine and food tastings, school marching band competitions, 5k races, a magnificent parade etc... People fly in from all over the world for the Kentucky Derby. They should for the Belmont Stakes too! AMH

Growing Nassau (In Southern and Central)

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Should Southern and Central Nassau County become more like Queens? Should we have more big buildings, apartments and attract more young people to become a developed metropolitan area? Areas such as Garden City, Freeport, and Hempstead have a lot of potential and we can make Nassau County into a great place to affordably live an urban lifestyle.
Northern Nassau County incertain places are more suburban and should stay that way, except Central and Southern has AMAZING potential.
Please leave comments about your opinion or to modify my proposal.

All Nassau County capital expenditues that go out for an RFP should list the political donations of the winner of the contract

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When government goes out to bid the the lowest bidder wins. When they go out for a request for proposal (RFP) the lowest bid doesn't always get picked. For complete transparency there should be a list of political donations the winner of the RFP has made over the last year. The donors names should be part of the resolution when it is voted on. We need complete transparency in government!

Rapid Bus Transit system

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I am currently living in Albany, NY and they have a great bus system- the Capital District Transportation Authority. Besides their extensive bus system throughout Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Rensselaer, they have something call RBT- Rapid Bus Transit and I am very impressed with the service. It is supposed to be a cost effective way to provide a light-rail like service using buses. Long Island really needs this.