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Do Nassau County and NYS Legislators deserve a pay raise?

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Nassau County Legislators are paid $39,500 a year and haven't had a raise since 1995. NYS Legislators are paid $79,500 a year and haven't had a raise since 1999. Those for a pay raise say politicians work hard and have earned a pay hike. Those against argue these positions are part-time, and consider these salaries to be fair compensation. Do Nassau County and NYS Legislators deserve a pay raise?

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Manufacturing Tax Credit for Nassau Companies

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117 votes

Legislators enacted an Upstate Manufacturing Tax Credit so why not one in Nassau? Our community has lost 30% of our manufacturing jobs since 2000 because of the high costs associated with running a business here. Let's give Nassau job creators the same tax breaks we pay for to help manufacturers in other parts of the state. AMH

Rent out the rooftops of public and private schools to solar energy providers

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143 vote

With diminished funding available for public and private education all schools should rent out their rooftops to solar energy providers. This green energy source will help drive extra revenue towards education giving taxpayers relief and bring down the cost of Long Island's power generation by providing extra supply. Adam Haber

Pre K

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143 votes

resources spent in Pre-K Is much more valuable than spent on Advanced Placement classes.

Energy Performance Contracts for Local Governments to Convert Outdoor Lighting to L.E.D.

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134 votes

There should be a coordinated energy performance contract to convert all outdoor lights on Long Island to L.E.D. While L.E.D. lights are more expensive they last up to 4x as long, require less maintenance, give off less heat and use about half the electricity. In the end they are much cheaper and make a great investment. The lower electrical load would help keep prices down for all consumers during a hot summer. AMH

There should be stronger texting laws to stop texting while driving

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123 votes

Texting while driving is as bad as drinking while driving.