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Do you believe New York State elected officials will enact meaningful Ethics Reform before the end of their 2016 Legislative Session?

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The New York State (NYS) Legislative Session ends on June 16. Though several NYS Assembly and Senate officials have been convicted of crimes, current legislators have failed to create any new laws to mitigate corruption. Closing campaign finance loopholes, limiting outside income and stripping convicted legislators of their pensions are some of the items being discussed. Do you believe NYS elected officials will enact meaningful Ethics Reform before the end of their 2016 Legislative Session?

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Bring back the Islanders

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They are floundering in Brooklyn. Sell seat licenses to subsidize bringing them back.

All Nassau County Contracts Should be Added to the NYS Contract Reporter

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260 votes

Wider exposure to attract possible bidders on county contracts will result in cost-effective pricing and taxpayer savings. Currently Nassau only advertises available contracts by placing legal ads in Newsday and on the county website.

All of Long Island should have Universal Pre-K

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New York City has it why don't we? Received this email from a NYC Assemblyman today: Pre-K for All provides free, full-day, high-quality pre-K and will lay the foundation of skills and knowledge to prepare for our children for school and life. All programs create a high-quality learning experience designed to support how young children learn and develop.

Every Nassau contract including those under $25,000 should need legislative approval

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282 votes

Too much taxpayer money being wasted.

End Common Core and Excessive Testing for our Children in NY

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Pressure school superintendents and local school boards to refuse to comply with Governor Cuomo's NYS directives which call for a continuation of any excessive testing and new Common Core Standards. These directives cost taxpayers more money and hurt our children. Tax dollars are used to fund worthless testing and to purchase new textbooks from companies which have a monopoly on materials and tests. They make money on the repeated changes.