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Should NYS Government's 2% property tax cap also apply to fees and fines?

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There is currently a property tax cap set at 2% or the rate of inflation, whichever is less. Some local governments such as Nassau County have circumvented the property tax cap by raising fees and adding speed zone cameras. Without this additional revenue Nassau County would be unable to balance its budget. Should NYS Government's 2% property tax cap also apply to fees and fines?

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Pre K

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135 votes

resources spent in Pre-K Is much more valuable than spent on Advanced Placement classes.

Energy Performance Contracts for Local Governments to Convert Outdoor Lighting to L.E.D.

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128 votes

There should be a coordinated energy performance contract to convert all outdoor lights on Long Island to L.E.D. While L.E.D. lights are more expensive they last up to 4x as long, require less maintenance, give off less heat and use about half the electricity. In the end they are much cheaper and make a great investment. The lower electrical load would help keep prices down for all consumers during a hot summer. AMH

There should be stronger texting laws to stop texting while driving

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Texting while driving is as bad as drinking while driving.

Nassau Should Have An Annual Food and Wine Festival

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135 votes

Bring tourism dollars to Nassau by leveraging what Long Island already has. Good food and wine. Include some top named chefs and music. Have it over a weekend at Belmont Park. If you build it, they will come! AMH

Over 2000 illegals moved to L.I.

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Of all the places in the US, the feds decided to move these kids here to L.I., the highest cost of living is in this area, what is wrong with say, New Mexico or Texas? Isn't it enough that we are paying the highest property taxes for schools in the nation that we have to absorb even more? I have nothing against these people, but the feds have no problem bending us over, they can put their pet projects somewhere else where its less costly...