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Do you think NYS legislators will follow through on their promise of ethics reform?

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Ethics reform was a top issue during the 2016 campaign season, yet we are in the second month of the legislative session and nothing has changed. Restricting outside income, enacting term limits and closing the LLC loophole were initiatives discussed to mitigate the culture of corruption in Albany. The political sense of urgency for change seems to have passed since Election Day. Do you think NYS legislators will follow through on their promise of ethics reform?

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Government Consolidation/Elimination

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Outside of New York City there are simply too many layers of government in New York. This is especially true on Long Island. You have the County, the Town, the individual villages and countless other smaller entities, namely school districts and various special districts. This is completely unsustainable. Not only is this very expensive; having so many individual, independent governments all with their own elected officials, executives, personnel and the like - it is also very expensive. When I reach out to any of my local governments, I am not greeted with swift and direct action.

Immediate special election to replace Venditto in the Town of Oyster Bay

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TOB needs new leadership. Appointing council members won't give the public confidence that ethics are top priority.

Bring the Islanders back to the Nassau Coliseum

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They don't belong in Brooklyn, Belmont or anywhere else.

Revamp the whole IDA system

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Only way Nassau grows is if they attract new business. IDA tax breaks should only be given to new, out of state, businesses. Shopping malls and car dealerships can't pick up and leave.

Everyone, All Long Islanders, should sign up as Muslims if and when Trump institutes a Muslim registry

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288 votes

Shameful xenophobic and bigoted parts of history do not need to repeat themselves!