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Should President Barack Obama choose the next Supreme Court Justice?

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With the sudden passing of long time conservative jurist Antonin Scalia there is a partisan battle heating up to decide if President Obama should be the one to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. Those in support of an Obama appointee feel there are many pressing cases that need to be ruled upon. Those against feel it should wait until after the American people choose a new President in the 2016 election. Should President Barack Obama choose the next Supreme Court Justice?

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Amtrak Long Island

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For the future, also to boost the economic development of Long Island, help the economy, help travel, and another new development in Long Island transportation which could help travel concentration and crowding of cars.

Public hearing was on the 12th, and it is an open conversation that could dramatically benefit our future.


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Response to Belmont Gambling, I think it's disgraceful to be contemplating another money sucker from foolish people who can barely afford to live. It's mostly those who are on freebie welfare, food stamps etc that patronize such places. There is one at Aqueduct and should be more than enough to suck money from the folks/poor folks in our area.


Make Islip an International Airport

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It would stimulate the local economy using existing infrastructure.

The County needs to adopt the Zarb report recommendations

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Residents need to feel corruption is being kept in check and the people come first.

Nassau should have 6-1 matching donations for candidates just like in NYC.

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The amount of money it would cost Nassau to finance 6-1 matching funds is peanuts compared to the amount saved from pay to play corruption in the current system. NYC is thriving. Nassau is being held back by a corrupt system and going to a similar system to NYC would encourage investment locally.