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Should NYS automatically register residents to vote when they obtain or renew a driver's license?

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Rhode Island just became the ninth state to automatically register and re-register residents when they obtain or renew a driver's license, unless they opt out. Their stated purpose is to create cleaner voter records and mitigate concerns of voter fraud. In the NYS legislature most Democrats want automatic voter registration to make voting as seamless and easy as possible. Those against, such as NYS Senate Republicans, feel the current system works just fine. Should NYS automatically register residents to vote when they obtain or renew a driver's license?

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Local Election Dates

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Voter turnouts for local and specialized district elections (like park districts, library boards, school board and budget, water districts etc) are dismally low. All elections should take place on election day ( 1st Tues. in Nov.) to increase voter participation. This idea seems to have universal agreement.
I realize that this might not be so simple, but any legal hurdles that stand in the way, should be confronted. Thanks

NICE buses should have an app so you can see where your bus is

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Something similar to an UBER app where you can see where your car is and how long it will take to come

Move the Islanders back to the Nassau Coliseum

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The whole area around the Coliseum will fall apart if a new facility is built at Belmont. The retrofit to expand seating has to be cost effective compared to building a new arena. The Islanders want out of Brooklyn and this is our last chance to get them back.

Roads are the pits these days

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Since the Nassau County roads have been demolished by the public workers we pay, through our payment of taxes, the plow personnel should be held accountable for tearing up the roads and knocking down fences. The streets are full of potholes, then patched and re-patched by more public workers, and yet the roads are actually unsafe in many areas. I have ruined two tires hitting these potholes! Each tire cost $150.00! THE ROADS NEED RESURFACING, AND THERE SHOULD BE MONEY IN THE BUDGET TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE!

What do all say about this? Should there be money to fix our roadways? yes or no?

NYS should allow early voting to increase civic participation

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404 votes

34 states and the District of Columbia permitted no-excuse early voting. Why not New York?