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Do you support term limits for Nassau County and New York State elected officials?

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In both Nassau County and New York State governments, there are currently no term limits for elected officials. Suffolk County passed a law in 1993 limiting legislators to a total of 12 years in office. Those in favor of term limits believe newly elected officials are necessary for fresh perspectives and change. Those against believe term limits deprive the people of the right to re-elect officials with a proven track record. Do you support term limits for Nassau County and New York State elected officials?

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Stop Common Core and high stakes testing

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264 votes

The only ones who benefit are private corporations and it's hurting our children.

Put a suggestion box in every local government agency for employees to submit ideas

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275 votes

Those working day to day in government know where the problems are and how to fix them.

The Town of Oyster Bay needs financial oversight

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312 votes

The economy is strong yet the Town of Oyster Bay is struggling financially and racked with scandal. As NYS Assemblyman Chuck Lavine suggests: a "NIFA" style control board should be put in place.

The NYS Legislature should have passed comprehensive ethics reform.

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Stripping pensions from corrupt elected officials is just a small step. The best time for change is during a crisis and this was a missed opportunity to win back the public's trust.

Civil Service Pensions

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427 votes

All Civil Service pensions should be based on base pay ONLY - NOT OVERTIME. The practice of working heavy OT in last 3 years of service unfairly jacks up pensions that the taxpayer never gets

Civil servants who perform reserve military duty should not be allowed to collect full pay while on duty. Yes their pay should be subsidized to a max of current salary but NOT TO MAKE MONEY. Civilian reservists do not get this bonus to make a profit