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Do you support Governor Cuomo's proposed raises to the minimum wage by the end of 2016?

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Governor Cuomo has proposed raising the minimum wage to $10.50 an hour throughout New York State, and $11.50 an hour in New York City. If enacted, New York State would have the highest minimum wage in the nation. Those in support feel low-wage workers need the boost to survive. Those against feel employers may leave New York, moving businesses and jobs to states with lower wages. Do you support Governor Cuomo's proposed raises to the minimum wage by the end of 2016?

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Prohibit Posting Anonymously

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86 votes

I think we should prohibit the voting using an anonymously profile and only allow those with login accounts as this is a very good forum and is being hijacked by some whose interests do not lie with the majority of honest taxpaying citizens.

Villages should share road paving costs

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106 votes

The larger the project the cheaper the cost per mile. Cooperative bids and/or sharing village Department of Public Works Employees, especially with the smaller villages, will save the taxpayers money.

Create a ferry service from the North Shore of Nassau to Manhattan.

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146 votes

Nassau is the only county in the NY Metro area that is close to Manhattan and doesn't have a ferry system. Port Washington to the east side of mid-town Manhattan would take 35 minutes. Glen Cove to the same location would take 40 minutes. A connection stop at LaGuardia would take additional cars off the road and make for an easy commute.

Speed Zone Cameras Should Have Been Used To Keep The Islanders On Long Island

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138 votes

The lost sales tax revenue from losing the Islanders isn't coming back. If Nassau was going to use speed zone cameras at least they could have been used to keep the Islanders from leaving!

Voter Tax Credit to Increase Turnout

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116 votes

Voter turnout in NYS was terrible this year at 33%. To encourage more people to participate how about a $100 NYS tax credit for voting?