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Do you believe enough is being done to combat political corruption on Long Island?

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Last week's arrests of Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto have brought negative national attention to Long Island. To fight corruption, Nassau Democratic Legislators want an Independent Inspector General to oversee the contracting process. Republicans are against it. NYS Democratic Legislators also want term limits, closing of the LLC loophole, a ban on outside income and lower contribution limits. NYS Senate Republicans have blocked these reforms as well. Do you believe enough is being done to combat political corruption on Long Island?

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The NYS Legislature should have passed comprehensive ethics reform.

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Stripping pensions from corrupt elected officials is just a small step. The best time for change is during a crisis and this was a missed opportunity to win back the public's trust.

Civil Service Pensions

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All Civil Service pensions should be based on base pay ONLY - NOT OVERTIME. The practice of working heavy OT in last 3 years of service unfairly jacks up pensions that the taxpayer never gets

Civil servants who perform reserve military duty should not be allowed to collect full pay while on duty. Yes their pay should be subsidized to a max of current salary but NOT TO MAKE MONEY. Civilian reservists do not get this bonus to make a profit

Merge Nassau and Suffolk into one big County

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Call it Long Island County. Would save money on economies of scale and help Long Island get its fair share of resources from NYS and the Federal government.

Place Solar Panels on Top of Every Public School on Long Island

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487 votes

The incentives are there to save money for the taxpayer, keep electricity rates low and model green energy for the next generation. The large flat rooftops of public schools are an untapped asset.

Term Limits for all elected officials

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525 votes

Suffolk County has a twelve year limit. All levels of government involving elected officials should have the same.