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Would you support a nationwide law to ban the sale of assault weapons and semi-automatic rifles?

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The horrific mass murder in Las Vegas has re-opened the national debate on gun control. Those in support of a ban on assault weapons and semi-automatic rifles believe there is no good reason for citizens to own guns capable of mass murder. Those against want freedom to own any type of gun, and feel it's a violation of their 2nd Amendment rights. Would you support a nationwide law to ban the sale of assault weapons and semi-automatic rifles?

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The new Belmont Park RFP needs to be an open and transparent process

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The land should go to the proposal that shows the best use of the most valuable real estate left to develop on Long Island.

During the summer of commuter hell run ferries from Port Washington, Huntington and Long Beach

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Figure it out.

building and road vibrations

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The US Army Corps of Engineers let a contract to rebuild the barrier island beaches. The contract allowed for the bidder to choose their method of delivery of materials to the work site. The result of this decision is that the 20 vehicle caravans per day carrying 20 tons of material each trip for the next 2 years is causing damage to our homes and roads. Who is going to pay for the repairs?

Standardize the permit approval process for businesses throughout Nassau County

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Time is money and a long approval process discourages investment in our community. It should be simple and easy with the same approval process in every village and town.

Local Election Dates

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Voter turnouts for local and specialized district elections (like park districts, library boards, school board and budget, water districts etc) are dismally low. All elections should take place on election day ( 1st Tues. in Nov.) to increase voter participation. This idea seems to have universal agreement.
I realize that this might not be so simple, but any legal hurdles that stand in the way, should be confronted. Thanks