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Would you support changing the election cycle for Town and County politicians from two to four years?

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Every two years a majority of Nassau's Town and County elected officials come up for re-election. Those in support of a four-year election cycle believe it would give elected officials a better chance to see initiatives through and save municipalities on the cost of staging frequent elections. Those against feel keeping terms at two years makes office holders more responsive to the community because another election is always right around the corner. Would you support changing the election cycle for Town and County politicians from two to four years?

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Stop Common Core Now!

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Common Core is detrimental to students, teachers and public education. The link below is a recent article I wrote about this topic in the "Island Now."

Checks and balances

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Retiring Nassau County Legis. Fran Becker has introduced a bill that would raise the salaries of all county legislators. How can the legislators create and vote on bills that raise their own salaries? Where is the system of checks and balances? No wonder Nassau County has a budget deficit of $160 million. This practice should be abolished.

cost savings; electric

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install smart lights in all bldgs. light will go on when someone enters the room.
i used to be the only one to shut off lights when i left a room

Abandoned housing task force

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216 votes

Many houses in Nassau County have been abandoned and are in

The Town is supposed to monitor these but only if someone complains and then the inspector does little to correct the lack of maintenance on the property.

A task force should be formed to make sure the properties are maintained so that they dont look like an eyesore.

This could consist of actual workers and the owners should be charged where their services fail.

motorcycles on the northern stste and meadowbrook parkways

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195 votes

The new motorcycles make a tremendous amount of noise on the parkway going through residential areas.

These may be speeding and the police cant seem to stop them.

You can hear them miles away.

They are Japanese racing bikes used by young people.

I suggest monitoring these noisy machines and ticketing them from cameras on overpasses or poles near the roadway.

They dont stay in a lane and are dangerous to car traffic.