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Should Nassau Coliseum developer, Bruce Ratner, receive more than $4.4 million in tax breaks?

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According to Newsday, Nassau Coliseum developer, Bruce Ratner, has applied for more than $4.4 million in tax exemptions ($3.37 million is sales tax and $1.1 million in mortgage tax). Those in favor of tax exemptions say Ratner's firm, Forest City, expects to spend $261 million, including $90 million in Chinese investment, to renovate the arena, create jobs and improve the area. Those against the tax breaks feel they are just another example of corporate welfare, and unnecessary for a profitable project.

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Growing Nassau (In Southern and Central)

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Should Southern and Central Nassau County become more like Queens? Should we have more big buildings, apartments and attract more young people to become a developed metropolitan area? Areas such as Garden City, Freeport, and Hempstead have a lot of potential and we can make Nassau County into a great place to affordably live an urban lifestyle.
Northern Nassau County incertain places are more suburban and should stay that way, except Central and Southern has AMAZING potential.
Please leave comments about your opinion or to modify my proposal.

All Nassau County capital expenditues that go out for an RFP should list the political donations of the winner of the contract

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When government goes out to bid the the lowest bidder wins. When they go out for a request for proposal (RFP) the lowest bid doesn't always get picked. For complete transparency there should be a list of political donations the winner of the RFP has made over the last year. The donors names should be part of the resolution when it is voted on. We need complete transparency in government!

Rapid Bus Transit system

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I am currently living in Albany, NY and they have a great bus system- the Capital District Transportation Authority. Besides their extensive bus system throughout Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Rensselaer, they have something call RBT- Rapid Bus Transit and I am very impressed with the service. It is supposed to be a cost effective way to provide a light-rail like service using buses. Long Island really needs this.

new LIRR stops

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Should the LIRR add 3 stops in Roosevelt, Uniondale, and East Garden City? The line would run from Freeport to Carle Place.
1.Less Traffic on Meadowbrook Parkway ( really bad ) and other streets( Front Street, Hempstead Tpke, Uniondale Ave, N Main St, Old Country Road)
2. Make these areas more commercial, create jobs, cut down on transportation time.

Offset Property Taxes: Use Funds for Public Schools

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The $550 million in funds set aside for "transformative economic development" can be better spent on education. The education system is way too dependent on voters who, understandably, vote to keep their tax costs down. The education system is badly in need of reform, funding and standardization across the board to ensure equity for all students.