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Do you think NYS legislators will follow through on their promise of ethics reform?

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Ethics reform was a top issue during the 2016 campaign season, yet we are in the second month of the legislative session and nothing has changed. Restricting outside income, enacting term limits and closing the LLC loophole were initiatives discussed to mitigate the culture of corruption in Albany. The political sense of urgency for change seems to have passed since Election Day. Do you think NYS legislators will follow through on their promise of ethics reform?

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Nassau should stop hiring legal consultants and do all the work in house

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279 votes

Good way to cut down on costs as staff attorneys will save the taxpayers money.

Long Island needs more charging stations for electric cars

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396 votes

It's a chicken or the egg thing. In this case if charging stations are ubiquitous then Long Islanders will purchase more electric cars leading to less toxic auto emissions and cleaner air.

Update all antiquated HVAC systems in government buildings through energy performance contracts

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484 votes

The energy savings pay for the upgrade!

Put receptacles in every L.I. pharmacy to collect and recycle expired meds

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486 votes

This way they won't get flushed down the toilet or put into landfills and leech into our aquifers.

$200 Red Light Cameras will drive working families out of Nassau

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505 votes

The Nassau County Executive has proposed raising ticket fines to $200. This has to be the among the highest red light camera ticket fines in the USA! This incredibly price gouging ticket could be the difference between a family purchasing food or paying rent versus paying a ticket.