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Would you support a bridge or tunnel across the Long Island Sound, continuing the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway to Rye NY?

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Newsday calls it the "Idea that wouldn't die," originally proposed by Robert Moses in the 1960s. Those in support believe it would connect Long Island's economy to New England's. It is also a quality of life issue, in that a bridge or tunnel would relieve congestion. Those against say it will disrupt well established communities and be extraordinarily expensive. Would you support a bridge or tunnel across the Long Island Sound, continuing the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway to Rye NY?

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More Apartments and Affordable Housing

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225 votes

As everyone who is in the area knows, there are a lack of affordable housing options in Nassau County. Young people continue to move away and property tax rises. Do you believe that we should follow in the footsteps of areas such as Long Beach and build more condominiums, apartment complexes, and high rises? It would cause neighborhoods to become vibrant and the commercial "downtowns" would become great places to go. Near the LIRR stations would cause a lot of traveling and more young people to move into the area. This idea WILL create affordable housing.

Ferry system for Nassau County

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219 votes

There should be ferries running from Port Washington, Glen Cove and Long Beach to Manhattan (especially the east side and the World Financial Center). Every other county in the NY metro area has a ferry but Nassau.

Raise property values

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222 votes

Long Island suffers from a lack of selection and poor quality of housing, offices, warehouses at high prices due to very weak property rights and a socialist real estate market. If zoning authority were transferred from small and highly populist villages to either their respective towns or counties, zoning power would be dispersed and diffused such that development and real estate use decisions would be less political and more market-oriented. The result would be significantly more supply and competition for all types of real estate, including much needed housing.

Would you be willing to pay more state taxes in order for schools to receive more funding?

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204 votes

Bike lanes for all County and Town roads

(98 votes)
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(104 votes)
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202 votes

Why can't we make Nassau more attractive to alternative forms of transportation?