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Do you support term limits for Nassau County and New York State elected officials?

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In both Nassau County and New York State governments, there are currently no term limits for elected officials. Suffolk County passed a law in 1993 limiting legislators to a total of 12 years in office. Those in favor of term limits believe newly elected officials are necessary for fresh perspectives and change. Those against believe term limits deprive the people of the right to re-elect officials with a proven track record. Do you support term limits for Nassau County and New York State elected officials?

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Merge Nassau and Suffolk into one big County

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399 votes

Call it Long Island County. Would save money on economies of scale and help Long Island get its fair share of resources from NYS and the Federal government.

Place Solar Panels on Top of Every Public School on Long Island

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435 votes

The incentives are there to save money for the taxpayer, keep electricity rates low and model green energy for the next generation. The large flat rooftops of public schools are an untapped asset.

Term Limits for all elected officials

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Suffolk County has a twelve year limit. All levels of government involving elected officials should have the same.

Add bike lanes to all County roads

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501 votes

It would make Nassau a more livable place and cut down on traffic.

Get rid of pensions for convicted NYS elected officials

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509 votes

It's just a waste of resources for a small group who have betrayed the public's trust.