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Should Nassau County lease its sewer system to a private investor for an upfront payment of $1 billion?

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Nassau County is strapped for cash and looking for ways to raise money to close its deficit. The County Executive is once again looking to privatize the sewer system for a one time payment. Supporters believe a private company can run the sewer facility efficiently saving taxpayers money. Those against feel this is backdoor borrowing and rates will go up so a private company gets a return on its investment. Should Nassau County lease its sewer system to a private investor for an upfront payment of $1 billion?

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Mandating Community Service

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I haven't done much research however, with all the massacre of cops and the growing trend of the population staying glued to the internet, whether it be on their mobile devices or stationary at home or office (due to ISP's supplying our demands with even better and competitive deals!), I believe now is the time to mandate that those unemployed (receiving benefits or not), those not attending school (secondary or university), those not busy enough to be an active participant in community service or any approved volunteering services.

Nassau County should coordinate with all local governments to help municipalities comply with the Governor's Tax Freeze Plan

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Each government entity must submit a plan to the NYS Division of Budget by July 31st this year. The plan needs to find 1% savings on the tax levy in each of the next three years. If a local government's plan is compliant that government entity's taxes will remain frozen for the next three years.

Combine Nassau and Suffolk Counties to Create Long Island County

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When you tell people where you are from you say Long Island not Nassau or Suffolk. If political leadership truly want efficient government what better way is there then to create Long Island County? There are economies of scale and Long Island County would become a dominant force in Albany to help our community get its fair share.

Prohibit Posting Anonymously

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I think we should prohibit the voting using an anonymously profile and only allow those with login accounts as this is a very good forum and is being hijacked by some whose interests do not lie with the majority of honest taxpaying citizens.

Villages should share road paving costs

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The larger the project the cheaper the cost per mile. Cooperative bids and/or sharing village Department of Public Works Employees, especially with the smaller villages, will save the taxpayers money.