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Do you support all 10 points of Governor Cuomo's proposed Women's Equality Act?

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Governor Cuomo proposed a 10-point Women's Equality Act which has stalled in the New York State Senate. Both Democrats and Republicans agree on the first nine points; the 10th point will codify Roe v. Wade. Democrats and pro-choice groups agree with the governor's plan. Republicans and those opposed to a woman's right to choose are against it. Do you support all 10 points of Governor Cuomo's proposed Women's Equality Act?

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New York and New Jersey should stop poaching companies from each other and wasting tax dollars in the process.

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The net gain in each state is rarely new jobs and valuable tax dollars could go to better use. NY and NJ should working together to use these same tax dollars to bring new jobs to the region. AMH

Should Nassau Government Consolidate its Administrators to One Source?

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Look at your detailed General Tax Bill and you will see you're being taxed over and over and over again for the same service, different part of goverment. For example, Nassau County, "X" Town, "Y" Village, and School Taxes.

Mandate a Consolidation of all the administrations to one County run administration. That will get us out of the Red!
Cuomo focused on this recently, citing how many government entities exist. Many countered with the necessities for those structured entities, but the point is that there is way too much redundancy in Nassau’s government administration.

Insert "COUNTY NAME" Here ==>

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I was reading the following editorial article { on } regarding Westchester County and said to myself "why doesn't Nassau take the same plan and just insert Nassau where it says Westchester?"

Nassau is the only local government that I do not see on the market hustling for business and suggesting other factors (affordable housing, tax incentives, etc.) leading to successful economic development.

stand up to the teachers on long island

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school taxes are so out of wack their actually forcing people to move off the island there is no reason that teachers on long island should be paid the kind of money and benefits that they are demanding it's time someone stood up to them and backed them down especially since the children aren't doing any better here than any where else in the country. L.I. teachers are just full of crap, when they a superior education is attained here, so why are test scores so low

The State of Long Island

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If Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk County) were the 51st State in the Union, we could adequately fund education, pave the roads, and protect and remediate the ground water.

Right now, Long Island taxpayer's send over $3,000,000,000 (Yes, Billion with 9 zeros) to NY State that we don't see back. We have 17% of the Public School Students, yet receive only 12% of the State Aid.

The time is right for us to secede.