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Should NIFA vote "yes" to ratify new union agreements that would lift a three-year wage freeze?

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The Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) will be voting at the end of the month on lifting the wage freeze for Nassau County government employee contracts affecting nearly 8,000 union employees. The new agreements have already been approved by the Nassau County Legislature. The employee contracts have been frozen by NIFA for three years because Nassau has been running severe deficits and could find no way to balance the budget without it. Should NIFA vote "yes" to ratify new union agreements that would lift a three-year wage freeze?

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Create user friendly Smart Phone Apps for local government

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Nassau County, town, city and village government should create an app hub similar to the one used in Gilbert, Arizona (I learned of this idea from Michael Miller's weekly Anton Newspaper column). This app would be great for transparency and getting residents more involved in local government. AMH

Police Dept

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Police making arrests close to their shift ending should not be allowed to use overtime. There must be a way to stop officers who wait till the last minute to arrest and then spend the time in the precinct chatting to other detectives until the wee hours of the morning to make more overtime. They have been known to keep a person in the precinct and not arrest them until 4:00 in the am. Whose watching who???

Civil servant salaries

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Is anyone else flabbergasted by what Newsday reported about civil service salaries that are in the stratosphere? Really, a police lieutenant earning $600K? Are there no spending controls in Nassau County? Is anyone watching the store? Is this a free for all? Is it no wonder the cost of living here is through the roof and our children have to move away because a parks dept. worker makes $300K, has job security, a pension and health for life? These people make 6 or 8 times the salary and benefits then the average tax payer! This is totally outrageous! Look it up and get angry!!!

Department of Investigation

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The County needs to empower or create a new Department of Investigation or Office of the Inspector General. Clearly the entire County needs serious oversight. For 1, this agency would oversee the Police, and all other County agencies, they would have the power to make arrest and subpoena, they would conduct background checks on new government employee hires, and any individual or entity that's doing business with the County.

Big Time Donors Shouldn't Be Allowed To Recommend Political Appointees

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While not illegal it seems unethical that political donors could recommend who gets the top jobs in government. This whole Hardwick/Melius/Mangano affair doesn't give the people confidence that their best interests are at stake.