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Should Nassau County raise its share of property taxes 1.2% in 2016?

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The County is facing a steep budget deficit of $160 million this coming year. In an attempt to close the gap, Nassau County government is suggesting cuts to many programs and services. A partial list of discussed cuts includes youth services, bus services and emergency and fire prevention training. A property tax increase of 1.2% would raise about $12 million in revenue, would cost the average household about $23, and would help preserve services. Those in support of a tax hike believe the cuts will affect the most vulnerable.

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Do you believe Nassau County's employee wage freeze should be lifted in 2014?

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For the past three years, Nassau County's 7,000-plus employees have had a wage freeze imposed by NIFA (Nassau Interim Finance Authority). The wage freeze was instituted because, in recent years, Nassau County government has had a difficult time balancing its budget. Though Nassau County's sales tax revenue has increased as a result of economic activity due to the cleanup and rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy, county workers' wages have remained frozen. Do you believe the county executive should lift the wage freeze and honor previously negotiated contracts sometime in 2014?


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