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School budget votes are Tuesday, May 19th. Please come out and vote!

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It is important to exercise your right to vote in your local school districts, Tuesday, May 19th. Up for consideration in Long Island's 125 school districts are budgets and trustee elections. Some districts also have bond referendums. Your vote counts. Please come out and vote!

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Do you support the privatization of Nassau County's sewer system?

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Nassau County Executive Mangano has come to terms with a private company, United Water, to manage the county's sewer system. The deal touts projected savings of $233 million over 20 years and improvements in environmental protection. Those in support of privatization believe the sewer system will be run more efficiently and save the taxpayers money. Those against point to the privatization of the county bus system operated by NICE and feel bus service has lagged as rates have gone up. Do you support the privatization of Nassau County's sewer system?


Sewage plant privatization

The county can save even more money by doing it themselves. United would come in and takeover a federally funded renovation, lay off half the people and then run it into the ground while they collect ever increasing exorbitant rates, until finally, the county will have to take back a mess. Google this company. This is what they do. This is horrible for us, only good to make the politicians wallets fatter.

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