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Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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On January 1, 2018, a new Suffolk County law will go into effect, charging a five-cent fee for plastic and paper carryout bags, at a variety of retail stores. Those in support of the fee believe it will protect the environment. Those against view it as a tax that will hurt local businesses. Would you support Nassau County imposing a five-cent fee on plastic and paper carryout bags?

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Your Ideas for a Better, More Efficient Government

Back to school sales tax holidays

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The sales tax in Nassau County is 8.625%. According to the Wall Street Journal consumers will spend an average of $673.57 on back to school items for grades K-12 this year. Tax savings would be over $58 per family. A one week tax holiday sometime in August would work best.

Stop Common Core and high stakes testing

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The only ones who benefit are private corporations and it's hurting our children.

All of Long Island should have Universal Pre-K

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New York City has it why don't we? Received this email from a NYC Assemblyman today: Pre-K for All provides free, full-day, high-quality pre-K and will lay the foundation of skills and knowledge to prepare for our children for school and life. All programs create a high-quality learning experience designed to support how young children learn and develop.

Stop Common Core Now!

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Common Core is detrimental to students, teachers and public education. The link below is a recent article I wrote about this topic in the "Island Now."

Would you be willing to pay more state taxes in order for schools to receive more funding?

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